An Unlikely Friendship Chapter 2

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So he put the rock into his pocket and gave it a little pat of reassurance.

“So, how long have you been a rock?” he asked… and while doing so realized how funny it sounded and this made him smile.

…laughter joined him ….

“yes, you know… a very long time”

“yeah” he said.

They kept walking through the woods, well, he walked, and the rock enjoyed the ride. This was highly unusual for the stone… It was used to not moving for eons at a time. At one point it was millions of years before it moved … A big storm had eroded the stream bank where it was embedded for (nearly) countless years….and released the stone…

“red dress”

“Huh?” he asked.

red dress” came again from the stone

“Um, okay… red dress…. Purple socks! How’s that”


More silence….

Then it felt like he just had a rock in his pocket.. nothing special….

He got home and put the rock on his dresser and forgot all about it ….

Some days later he was in a bookstore and just starting thinking about the stone…First he wondered if he kept the stone and recalled he put it on his dresser… yes.. he kept it… and he wondered about his ‘conversation’ with the rock…. Maybe his brain was having some fun and he did admit he enjoyed greatly the short time spent with the rock…. But he just thought it was all a bit too strange …. At that moment he looked up and noticed a woman in a red dress enter the store.

“yes that’s the dress”

“What? You’re not even here stupid rock!!”  He said (not out loud!)

“You know that is the red dress”

“okay, okay, yes, I feel that… yes.. but what about it?”

An unlikely friendship

All of a sudden his gaze stopped on a little rock.  It was nothing special.. just one of countless others along the woodland path he walked. Leaves, twigs, rocks, roots, plants, soil… nothing out of the ordinary laying on the earth in the woods…. But this one rock… somehow trapped his vision from moving on….

He stopped walking and just stared at it… like it was speaking to him… so he laughed a bit, picked up the rock and asked it ‘So, what is it then, eh?’

He felt ‘You already know’ come into his heart.

He smiled, put the rock into his pocket and went on his way and that’s when their adventures together began.

How does that ice cold beer taste?

We can read lots and lots about how awesome Magic Hat beer is, but only after we drink it for ourselves do we realize this truth (or realize the lie if you don't care for beer!) ....(The real lie is that I haven't had a Magic Hat is many years as I have never seen it for sale in the UK and this photo is not even of beer, but a green smoothie!)

We can read lots and lots about how awesome Magic Hat beer is, but only after we drink it for ourselves do we realize this truth (or realize the lie if you don’t care for beer!) ….(The real lie is that I haven’t had a Magic Hat is many years as I have never seen it for sale in the UK and this photo is not even of beer, but a green smoothie!)

Sometimes we read an account of something amazing, something that intrigues and inspires us. Like, for example, we might read about a hike to the top of an amazing mountain. You may read about all the beautiful trees, the cool clear water rushing in a stream, boulders strewn all over the mountain-side…..the hiker stops, and just listens and hears nothing but wilderness….birds, small scuttling of mice in the undergrowth, wind softly bringing ocean moisture and the sound of the persons own breathe…. merging and becoming a part of that wilderness, not merely an outside observer…..

This may get our backsides motivated and go find that mountain and hike that path! When we do, we might realize that the words we read had lied! The experience is even better… so much so it is beyond words! We are in awe, and feel at home.

However, the reading of the account may make us feel that we have obtained the information, the experience and therefore actually going to the mountain isn’t needed. Just a waste of time because we could start reading another account of something amazing.

It reminds me of something a Geology Professor at one of my previous University’s once told me…. He thought that there was no need to go into the field to look at rocks…. they could be collected by grad students and analyzed back in the lab. He didn’t go into the field for many years and then one day he happened to find himself back outside teaching some students and was amazed! He forgotten how important it was to study the rocks in-situ, in their natural home and their contextual relationship with the land around them.

Hui-neng, the 6th Patriarch smacked the Sutras with a stick, or something like that.

We need to smack our brains with a stick every now and then and stop understanding and start realizing.

How hard do you try?

Water not trying very hard.

Water flows downhill without trying.

Clouds form and disappear without trying.

Monkeys try to jump from tree to tree… without trying…

Does that make sense?

How can we try to do something without trying? Is it possible? What does it mean?

It means there are two types of ‘trying’. One that is effortless, just the natural flow of things, letting the Universe unfold as it does. The other is with effort. “I tried so hard to focus on my breathing”. This type of trying exists only when our ego-mind exists, when our heart-minds are thought of as being separate from all things. This illusion of duality makes this type of trying exist. It makes things difficult! Lol.

I think a little green creature called Yoda once said ‘ No try, just do’ or something similar…. Not to downplay the importance of this by quoting popular culture, but there is truth there. But I would say perhaps ‘Just try, without trying!’. Lol. (Did you read that in Yoda’s voice?! haha)

When the illusion of duality is transcended, there is no-one who remains to ‘try’, just the Universe unfolding, just a boy jumping from a tree branch to another branch… Sometimes the boy falls and breaks a leg, sometimes he safety jumps to the other branch…. it is all simply the natural unfolding, the natural function of this Universe.