There is no where, no thing, that has not been influenced by your ancestors.

There is no where, no thing, that has not been influenced by your ancestors.

Feet thump on the ground, round and round, in circles they go and I follow… then I am left behind.

This man walks in circles around the fire, his heart beating in time with his steps and his breath joins in the rhythm.

Ancestors emerge and as they watch the man, they whisper gently ‘He is a good man, no? Take care of him, treat him well for he has taken care of us all well many times, many rivers and moons ago.’

Suddenly I am back looking at my feet … and trip …and a big puff of smoke bellows from the embers.

I smile and kneel down and my hearts pours gratitude and love as my eyes weep for joy.

Our Fire


Sometimes the winds come and without warning, extinguish our fire.

Our fire was built long ago.

We gathered the wood throughout many lifetimes.

Our parents provided the spark and BAM!

We became alight…alive!

We may have gathered the best wood, nice and dry, or maybe it’s a bit green. Maybe we gathered just a little bit of wood, or maybe a whole forest.

Sometimes even the strongest fire cannot survive the strongest storms. It happens. Sometimes, the weakest fire, just barely alight, can continue on and on for a very long time.

Circumstances…. Sometimes our fires endure many storms, sometimes they endure few. Sometimes our fires end oh so early, sometimes they burn and burn and burn.

Let our fires be our lamps upon ourselves and take good care.




This post is dedicated in the honor of relative who recently passed away. She was proud of her Native American heritage. For you Bunnie.

The photos used in this post are not mine.

Continuing on…


Sky and Tree, come settle on me.

The rumbling of the Earth slows down as the Buffalo retires for the night. Opening my eyes slowly reveals the stars overflowing the black sky as the dust of trampling hooves settles around. My mind is whirling, spinning and this too, slows down as my focus comes into being. Where am I? What has happened?

Who am I?

The Peacepipe is passed around and the close-by low chatter sounds like distant chanting. Smoke fills my eyes and being, breathing in those words, that chatter, filling inside my being…. Then exhaling and out comes chanting, clear and strong.

Thank you my ancestors, for these gifts you have bestowed upon me.

This is a continuation of a previous post here.


Earth Mother

Earth Mother

Laying on our Earth Mother, together our spirits swirl. Head to foot, foot to head, the white Buffalo girl tramples around us, circling us like the moth to the fire. Drawn in, the pounding of dirt and grass covers us in dust and only the sound remains. Louder and louder, yet no fear pervades. The pounding merges our heart beats, together with the bison and our Mother.

The Strength overcomes our emotions, the strength of deep love. Tears stream down as Love pours up into us, and out again so the whole world shines.

How many times has this magic happened before these lives we have, our lives? How many times will it happen again?

Coming to, dust has settled and sounds disappeared. The bright Moon shines down as the Buffalo lies between us and our heartbeats flow together through her white pure being and the rocks below.


Thank you my ancestors for this teaching you have shown me.

Letting Go…

Holding up the Earth, singing to my heart.

Holding up the Earth, singing to my heart.

“Letting go….”

It was said to me, almost without words, maybe even without words, spoken to my heart, my mind, all of me.

“Letting go….. Letting go….”

It was said to me as an answer, as advice, as medicine.

That great Indian in the sky. Indian to me, Red Indian, Native Indian, Native American to others… He came to me in a vision. Perhaps. Maybe it was I who came to him. His presence… took great effort on his part, I could tell, but ironically, was effortless…As though he made some great sacrifice to speak to me.

His face was almost what you would expect…old, wise, full of lines, wrinkles, with long hair flowing. Deep Wisdom. Truth. Calm and Peace. Above all – Love. His love was, well, boundless.

I just listened, and his message, his answer, was clear:

“Letting go”

And he was gone.

This is an experience I had many years ago, before I meet Buddhism.


I wrote the following a year ago or so…

What percentage of the Earth is covered in water?

It is not 2/3 or there-abouts.

It is 100%.

Water is not just liquid.

Not just ice.

But also a gas.

Water vapor covers the entire globe.

Most of the globe has a surface of liquid water, the Oceans.

Some is covered with solid water, ice, the Glaciers.

All is covered with water gas, as water vapor in the atmosphere.

In you live in Upstate New York, in the snow belt, lots of water is white, as snow, and lots of snow.

In the winter, white is the color.

Covering the trees, covering the ground, the cars, the houses. The sky is white, snow falling from white clouds.

All is white, and sounds are muffled, insulated, a warm -15 Fahrenheit.

Leaving the house one morning, 10 years ago or so, begging the car’s engine to turn over, which it does, and while the engine block defrosts, i brush off the 8 or so inches of fresh snow off the car, that has been falling all night. The snow is still falling, and heavy, thick and deafeningly quiet. A silent, persistent and relentless dumping. Utter beauty.

Then, in the quiet of early morning i hear them.

The unmistakable honking from Canadian Geese, loud, but muffled, and strong, and constant. Powerful. I can’t see them above me, just hear them.
I stop and just listen. and float my minds eye up and up and up to the flock …
and imagine them, in an arrow shape, honking…

what can they see but white?

is that why they honk? to ‘see’ each other, and the ‘see’ upcoming dangers, like a low level sonar, like bats?

do they honk to keep from dying? to keep their spirits strong and focus their neurons onto the ridiculous task they are performing?


slowly the honks fade away and I never got to see my friends up in the sky, but their power shot straight into my heart.

then my heart sank, as i felt their strong purpose, then i had to focus on my purpose…. get my car cleared and get my ass to work…

But, it didn’t sink for long, as their spirit lifted mine, and kept part of my heart with them, flying free and hard, without sight, into the white light, with no doubts…

Damn, those geese are smart.