Everything… today.

fleetingly forever

fleetingly forever

Contained within a moment exists all that ever was and all that ever will be. How can it be any other way? Just as the Big Bang contained all that ever could exist, it is that same right now, billions of years later.

In that moment, billions of years ago, there was no time, no space, no matter… vast emptiness… yet it certainly was not nothingness. It was everything-ness! Lol. And perhaps that emptiness wasn’t vast, but the opposite… tinier than tiny, lol. In fact, size didn’t exist. There was just emptiness. The fullest emptiness ever, lol.

That moment, it was timeless, and, by definition, it penetrates now. It transcends now. It is now.

The speed of light is the cosmic speed limit, yet within a Universe that began timeless, that limit doesn’t apply… it cannot apply.

Feeling one with all that is… feeling interconnected with all that is….. these are not airy-fairy, hippy-dippy words. They are not head-in-the-clouds, out of touch with ‘reality’ words. Yes, they can be, and perhaps they frequently are used in that manner, but when purpose and intent fall away from these words… these words ring true…ring Truth.

Now, I am not trying to say that science proves transcendental wisdom, that physics proves Buddhist philosophy.

Seeking truth requires honesty. It also requires courage… courage to temporarily let go of our deepest beliefs and see what we see remains.

A soft heart is not a weak heart… its softness actually is its strength. Let’s melt our hardened hearts a bit, let go of what we think is ‘protecting’ them and see what happens. What Truth emerges today? It has been patient for billions of years… is today a day for its freedom? For our freedom?

This very moment, yes right now!

Which path? The only one that presents itself in this present moment is all we need.

Which path? The only one that presents itself in this present moment is all we need.

When we give our all to this very moment, this very moment gives all back to us. When we give our all to the past, or to the future, this very moment fades away and the treasure is lost.

Sometimes we want to escape this present moment. Sometimes we never want this present moment to end.

In the end, all moments change, regardless if good or bad.

If we try to escape this moment because it is a painful moment, then we become fearful of returning back.

If we try to hold on to this moment because it is awesome, then we risk being left behind as the awesomeness fades and changes and becomes the past.

Just returning ourselves to the right here, right now, be there pain or happiness, allows us the chance to become alive again. Then, in this alive state, we can begin to understand and begin to realize the nature of ourselves. And hey, we may realize we are not so bad after all!