EU vs UK Law (and zen!)

Mini Jumbo?! Sometimes, things indicate two different realities... which is correct?

Mini Jumbo?! Sometimes, things indicate two different realities… which is correct?

Hello. Today I will talk about a situation that is happening in my life that is quite unusual. Now, I will not get into too many details as I am currently seeking legal advice, but I can talk about the law, as this is public domain knowledge. I will make a long story fairly short…

I am an American citizen living in the UK, married to a UK citizen, with my son being a full UK citizen as well. I am allowed to live and work here forever, with a full, never-expiring, UK residency permit. My job is transferring into a civil service post. I am not allowed to keep my permanent position and, at best, can only have a temporary 5-year position with no room for promotion. That is if I apply for a special exemption and if that application gets approved. This is frustrating. However, the bizarre part is this:

If my wife was currently working and living in EEA (European Economic Area), I would be able to keep my permanent job. (That is, in the EEA but NOT Britain!)

If my wife had worked in the EEA (European Economic Area) for a period of time in the past, I would be able to keep my permanent job.

If my wife was French, or German, or Bulgarian, I would be able to keep my permanent job.

So, for example, if my wife was Bulgarian, and I was North Korean, I would be able to keep my UK job, but my wife is English and I am American, so therefore I cannot.

I have spent the past 3 weeks or so trying to convince those in power above me that this cannot be the correct interpretation of the law.  Simple logic and common sense would indicate this. The nationality rules themselves are written so poorly that they can be interpreted in more than one way.  

So where do I go from here?

Well, I am going to apply to become a UK citizen. It is very expensive (£851) to apply plus an additional fee for the ceremony. If this is done before my job switches to civil service, I will be ok.  I am also currently obtaining legal advice as I believe strongly that I have a solid case of discrimination. I am also considering how to publize this through the media. I think the newspapers could have a good story to write!

I must put a disclaimer here that I am not a law expert and I hope that my employer’s take on the law is incorrect, but these are the facts as they stand now.

So, how does this fit into Zen?

Realizing the inherent transient nature of all things helps me not get too attached to the potential severity of the situation. I do have to say though, I am finding it more stressful than I would like and my eyelid keeps twitching to remind me!