Your future self wants to say hello to you!


My future self has white hair… and dandruff!

The past and the future …. Many people have their minds existing in these illusionary places…. Living in the past or dreaming of the future…. In Zen, it could said that we strive to have our minds exist in the present moment..To be mindful of what is occurring now.

In practice, it may seem very hard to truly be ‘in the present’ ‘in the moment’ ..

At some point, after meditation and deep thought, a certain realization may occur… This striving to be in the moment, to stop living in the past and to stop desiring the future… is not very hard at all. In fact, we may see the opposite.. it is very hard to live in the past, and very hard dreaming of the future!

So, say, for example, we try to reverse our goal – to avoid fully living in the present and only live in the past and future – we realize something – you can’t escape the present! You simply can’t do it! lol

So, we may reach a point where we see that this is all there is.. this present moment – we may see that in this present moment, we can think of the past, we can visualize the future – but its only done right now. It can only be that way. This is all you have. It is really, really simple. This is it. Right now. It can never leave you no matter how hard you try!

All of the past and all of the future can only be contained and exist in the present.  The arrow of time is not straight…. Just as the horizon on Earth makes the world seem flat.. at some point we can begin to see it’s not straight, not flat and it curves…so much it loops back onto itself. This is how the future can influence the past. Sound crazy? Perhaps! Lol.  But the scientific method of seeking truth is also coming to this realization.

So what does this all mean other than giving me a headache? Lol.

For me, sometimes when I am struggling and suffering, I try to think about my ‘future Richard’ – and I know he has my back and I know he is affecting me right here, right now, sending me deep love and understanding. I love that guy.

Of course these are all just words, just models, conceptions.. but I hope they may serve as a medicine when taken as directed. 😉

3 thoughts on “Your future self wants to say hello to you!

  1. Wonderful to catch this in the reader this afternoon Richard.. How are you? and yes you are so right.. Our present NOW of us is affecting our Future us.. What we do in the Now of this moment affects our next moment and so on.. 🙂 I will be interested in following your link after I leave here.. I dare not move from here at the moment as I am having problems with WP and me ending up in Spam folders everywhere I go at the moment .. So I am commenting today only in the reader as it seems to know me LOL 🙂


    • Thank you Sue.. so good to hear from you. I have been distant a bit of late. I am a bit confused about what you said about your blog… are you switching sites? It was odd that I had to ‘approve’ your comment here, so it seems something is up. Anyhow, I hope it gets sorted and I hope to get the time (haha) to catch up with your writings. 🙂

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      • I altered my email address which is why your site held me in moderation.. that I expected.. No it seems most of my comments were being sent into spam folders of blogs I visited.. especially as I usually visit via the email comment link.. So I am sticking in the reader to comment for now.. Until Its settled more.. Sorry if I confused you.. as I didn’t explain it clearly xxx

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