Low self esteem


London palm. Wisdom radiates and pulses throughout the cosmos, straight into my heart. 

Sometimes during contemplative reflection I become utterly disgusted with myself. I amaze myself that I allow myself to think and do certain things, that, when I look back objectively, I am stunned at myself.

Having low self-esteem is not healthy, of course, and meditation is usually not thought of as something to make you feel worse about yourself! lol.

Confronting our true selves can be hard. It is painful to accept we may not be the person we want to believe we are.

Ultimately, our true self is not ourself, and although we must have individual responsibility, we can never bear the load alone, no matter how isolated that burden may feel.

(I must say that sometimes during meditation I become utterly elated with myself… and although this may feel super awesome, it has its own dangers… mainly of reinforcing the illusion of my own self ego, but that’s a whole other story!)


4 thoughts on “Low self esteem

  1. Part of being human is doing stupid stuff. I am horrified at my lack of awareness back in my twenties. I try to do better today. Increased awareness is painful but the only path to growth.


  2. I find meditation can be like leaving the door ajar, stuf sneaks into my conscious, emotional mind. I should be staying with the breath, but then it’s OK to be mindful of those pop in thoughts. I watch, feel and then there gone again just as quickly as they sneaked in. Back to the breath and that beautiful stillness for a moments break before the next thought sneaks into interrupt my meditation. Yours Ross

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