Dinosaur desire-mind!

I want to eat you!

I want to eat you!

Desire mind- When we desire something, we can be said to have ‘desire-mind’. In Buddhism, this is a dangerous mind, as it will not help to end our suffering, and in fact, it only leads to promoting our suffering.

Now, what is ‘desire’? We may really crave mint chocolate-chip ice cream, hold a real desire to eat some! Now, this desiring can be fairly easy to be seen as potentially a losing venture. When we are dreaming of the ice cream, we destroy the present moment, we are thinking of a future which may or may not occur. We also reinforce our attachment to ice cream. In Buddhism, attachment leads to suffering, so being so attached to deliciously awesome ice cream is not the Way.

Now, what if we are dehydrated, stuck without water for days and days…. Our minds may be somewhat single-minded in obtaining water… desiring water, attached to getting water…. Now, is that a bad thing? lol. No way!

It can be seen how the evolution of our ‘desire-mind’ was a great tool in survival. The Universe knows what it is doing! lol. So, having desires is natural, and, when we do not attach ourselves to our desires, we can be free of their potential suffering. Now, even our attached mind focused on only getting water… That is fine, so long as we do not attach ourselves to our attachment! hahahaha. Sounds like escape-clause logic to me! But it is true….

Desires are natural, normal, yet we must think deeply about the origin of our desires and when the true origins reveal themselves to us, we can become unattached to them. So, even though you may always have a soft-spot for mint chocolate-chip ice cream, it doesn’t mean you need to be attached by it, to be governed by it.

Who is the master? Our desires or ourselves?

First one may take back control over their desires, then one may give back control over themselves to the Universe.


7 thoughts on “Dinosaur desire-mind!

  1. I’m having some fun here, don’t take me too seriously …
    Control leads to the desire of control over desire … isn’t that funny?
    Without a desire to stop suffering, or to help other people’s suffering, would we ever make a path … think that it might be possible … next let go of a lot of garbage?

    And YES, any desire leads to a conflict between what we wish and what is.

    … and then somewhere, we desire to have a silent mind, and perhaps years later, we see that our mind was indeed silent for some moments, although not the result of any effort, or desire to make that un-effort. But, without the initial desire, would we ever notice this spontaneous result?

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  2. Another great thought provoking post.. Learning to detach from, And I can also see what Ber0001 was saying too..
    We live in this Material based world which is where I guess we ‘Desired’ to be and learn from our materialistic reality, rife with all emotional desires.. So that we could learn about desire and letting go of desire.. First one has to have it, in order to let it go… and to understand it, one has to desire it..
    Such is the nature of duality.. We can not have one without the other?

    Very Thought Provoking!! 🙂


  3. I like this post you have focused on the main cause suffering in our modern world.
    The desire for luxuries like ice cream. It made me think do we need ice cream?
    We NEED wholesome food but like a child we WANT ice cream. _/\_


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