Listening to our Hearts

Our deepest heart contains all the hearts of the Universe

Our deepest heart contains all the hearts of the Universe

Memories… our brains have lots… what about our hearts?

Our brains forget lots and lots of memories. .. is the same true of our hearts?

Can we ignore what our hearts feel?

We can trick our minds into believing lots of things, but our hearts?

Our hearts, our deep true heart can never be tricked.

Sometimes our hearts pound so strong, in ways we don’t fully understand, that we might try to ignore it, and we can use our brains to create elaborate traps that keep us too busy to pay attention to our hearts.

What am I trying to say?

We must try to never ignore our hearts, we must try to be mindful to any tricks of thought we use to ignore or discount our feelings deep inside, but, most importantly, we must not attach ourselves to this pounding heart. That may sound contradictory… but it is not… We simply need to acknowledge, accept and look head-on at our pounding heart, but with the realization that nothings remains, all things are in flux, even the unchanging pounding of our hearts.

My Buddhism

There is no other shore, just let our hearts open and flow.

There is no other shore, just let our hearts open and flow.

I recently saw an article about how Buddhism needs to come of age, so to speak… that the ancient teachings that the Truth of the Dharma, of Buddha nature, being beyond the realm of human comprehension, should be abandoned…. so that Buddhism can become more accessible… more understandable.. more real and less airy-fairy….

I remember seeing the Dali Lama speak, and he talked about how some Buddhist cosmology should be updated if science indicates Truth is otherwise. This made me think of Buddhist stories I read about how certain humans could live over 200 years old and how some humans can perform supernatural feats such as flying and making rivers flow backwards with merely their thoughts.

Some Buddhists believe these stories, some don’t. Some learn from them, some are hindered.

Now, one needs to understand that Buddhism didn’t have any Sutras, scriptures, until many centuries after the Buddha died. It was an unwritten religion, for many hundreds of years. Of course, over that span of time, many legends and embellishments occurred. Yet, it is remarkable how much of the core of Truth could not be distorted.

The Truth is truly indescribable. It does Buddhism no injustice to continue to express the utter complete beauty of the Buddha’s enlightenment. It was, it is, magical, transformative, the stuff of legends, the origin of legends contained within a legend itself. It should never be discounted in an attempt to be more accessible. If it was… what is it that one makes more accessible? It is weak, incomplete and, it will never survive. It is like adding super charged fertilizer to a plant, which may shoot up in record growth, but it is poisoned, and has but only one outcome. Death.

Now, all things end in death, this is true. But the Dharma cannot die.. How can this be if all things end in death? The is part of the magic. All things change, all things are in flux and will fade away… so how can something remain among that? This is why the Way, Buddha nature, enlightenment, are described as indescribable.

Like Zen koans, paradoxes …

A very famous one is ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’. The question doesn’t make sense. But it has an answer. How can an answer make sense if the question doesn’t?

Now, the Buddha taught through expedient means, upaya. So, it could be argued that he only taught to the level at which a person was receptive…so he was always watering down his understanding!

But he never said Buddha nature was less than it was.

Enlightenment occurs in an instant. Yes, we can help prepare our minds, our hearts, through practice, to unfold ourselves to Buddha nature..which can be seen to be a long gradual way…. Yet, no matter how far we travel, the other shore is never reached until the boat crashes the bank and we fall onto the ground. Sometimes, our boats crash without trying, though, in truth, this is unlikely. Most people do not win the lottery, lol! Sometimes we reach the other shore but fail to dock and the current pulls us back.

These are just words, and they fail. Our hearts are already there. They never left…. melting away the scars, the bars, the things that bind it tight…this can only happen in a flash, and oh, the outpouring of Love… it can not be stopped. The whole Universe flows out. It can be no other way.

Our mind…. they almost always can not believe this. It is like a fairy tale… it is irrational blind faith they tell us…. and we cannot outplay their defence with words. Words will make us look stupid to our minds.

Love looks weak so often. Love has no words so its mute. It has no arms, so it never fights back. It takes a beating and doesn’t talk back. Of course it’s weak! So it may seem.

Let us not be fooled by Love. Melt our hearts, see what comes out… is that weak? When the Universe, the entire cosmos flows with us, can there be anything stronger?

Did the Buddha fear death? How could he after his Enlightenment? He was a human, a man who had a wife and child. He had lots of power and money. He gave it all up and melted his heart fully and the whole Universe smiled. He lived until he was 80 or so and simply taught of this Love. No fairy tale, no airy-fairy…Just a person… and what a person he was!


Out of past trauma, strong new directions can grow towards the sky

Reborn without dying. 

Sometimes we have horrific traumatic experiences. People sometimes may quote the saying “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”. While that is very optimistic, it is hardly true! lol. Sometimes it may be though, and there certainly is some wisdom in the saying. We can learn to transform horror into something positive…. it doesn’t mean the trauma is removed, but it means it can be acknowledged, accepted, transcended even perhaps… and through this acceptance of what is, we can use that as a tool of growth… Often, we feel we are not allowed to make something positive out of a horrible, horrific thing. It just feels wrong, like we are betraying the emotions we ought to feel… like it almost tries to discount that experience and make it something it wasn’t. But it doesn’t have to be like this. We can learn to accept horror, evil, and suffering for what it is, to not allow it to consume our hearts and make it rotten. We lose going that way, and stop growing, and the thing we may despise, actually wins over us. Yes, there is pain, and suffering, which may be overbearing, but we also can use that, turn it upside down and allow a space for growth to occur. Take back what was taken.

Let go of the clinging that suffering has on our hearts, the burden is much heavier than we ever realize, and once we simply let it go, our hearts beat strong again, and free, full of love, however broken we had become.

In an instant our hearts can be healed… our deep love can be restored. Yes, scars exist, pain will come again, healed wounds can be reopened….. of course, but we always have the power to be the surgeon and heal ourselves. No one else can do it for us, so it is our power to take the scalpel. Others certainly can help us find the operating room, tell us where to cut and when to stitch, but only we can do the operating, and only we know truly where the wound is.

Out of past trauma, strong new directions can grow towards the sky

Out of past trauma, strong new directions can grow towards the sky

Let the tears flow and love swell….

Billions of Years Unfold in an Instant

Billions of years unfold in an instant

Billions of years unfold in an instant

Insects and flowers, flowers and insects… dancing, dancing, dancing….

Each carves the other, the never ending tango merges their hearts….

We all share this dance, everyone, everything, joins in! Bees, birds, flowers, skunks, people, rocks… you name it!

Some things share a more intimate dance, some are more distant. Feeling the endless interplay with all things among us, within us, lets our hearts melt into gratitude and love. Love.




Time travel!

The original Tartis from the Dr Who TV show. Get in and fly away!

The original Tartis from the Dr Who TV show. Get in and fly away!

Sometimes we may want to get into a box and just disappear… travel off into time and space and explore new realities.

Sometimes this is out of fear of where we are, so we want to run away.

Sometimes it is simply a natural curiosity.

Our minds are like this, they are this….

Why do we meditate? Is it to escape our situation? Is that healthy?

Is it because we are simply curious what lies inside our minds?

Perhaps it’s a bit of both sometimes.

Sometimes it is a good idea to meditate on the thought of ‘why am I doing this?’

Being honest with ourselves, we might not like the answer. Let’s work with that and grow.