Buddha Super Hero!



Buddhism is rich with examples of ‘supernatural’ experiences and abilities. Things such as prophecy, telepathy and telekinesis are found throughout Buddhist texts and stories. So, it is natural after this exposure that one may think of the Buddha as a super-duper supernatural superhero!! He said things such as he wouldn’t explain the utter complexity and underlying realities unseen in an unenlightened state because they would not be believed. When I read that I wonder, wow, what did the Buddha see?! Maybe he could realize the myriad of Universes overlapping the one we know so well? Are there overlapping Universes? I don’t know! Did he mean that the world is secretly run by a tribe of Yeti’s?! I doubt it, but again, I don’t know!

Does it matter?

In Zen, it is taught that when doing zazen meditation, many glorious and interesting images will arise in your mind. In Zen, these are thought of almost as traps, as the ego mind gets seduced by the beauty and mystery and, instead of focusing on the task at hand, we end up in a cycle of feeding our ego. It would be very hard to not be attached to a vision in which a council of Bigfoot’s are gathered discussing global warming!! Lol. But that is just it. It is hard…. but also very easy. The hardest and easiest thing to do is to not be attached to our thoughts. That is different from ignoring our thoughts. That is not wise. A subtle yet monumental difference.

So, the Buddha. Was he a superhero who could read our minds and fly in the air?! Perhaps. Perhaps not. If true, it must be contemplated why he never flew around the skies for 50 years proclaiming “Look at me, I am enlightened, I am super awesome, I am flying in the air!” What a promotional tool that would have been! Lol. But he didn’t do that. Why? Well, the Occam’s razor answer is simply that he couldn’t. It goes against known science. But suppose he could, we must think about why he didn’t fly about. … A Superman who doesn’t fly… just eats when hungry and sleeps when tired. That’s the magic, the power of the Buddha. Nothing special, just living within our natural function.


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