Syncing Out of Time

Blossoming in Autumn

Blossoming in Autumn.

Winter is coming. How do you prepare? Well, in the tropics, it is more of a name than an event. Outside of the tropics, it is more profound. Nature can be seen to be hunkering down, closing up shop…. Sometimes though, we see things blossoming, coming to life…. Is it Spring? lol.

It is our conception of what autumn and winter are that makes us question a blossoming flower. The flower knows what it is doing, lol. What about ourselves? How do we prepare for Winter? Do we do it consciously? Subconsciously? Do we do it at all? lol.

My mind tends to turn more inwards during the Winter months. A natural flux, a transition that my being lets flow. What does this mean? I don’t know! haha.

Let us stop to smell the flowers, so they say, and contemplate our connection with the smell, the sight, the wonder and beauty… How many times have we danced with this flower? The flower with us? …countless times yet this is the only time ever it has happened…


4 thoughts on “Syncing Out of Time

  1. Yes we think that Nature knows what she is doing and for the most part she does.. A couple of summers ago My daughter and I both noticed Blooms which had failed in previous years seemed to have flourished.
    I guess the Summer held just those right conditions for them to bloom..
    So too this Daffodil bloomed when the conditions were right for it..
    Many now are opening up their minds as the conditions are right Richard..
    Winter is a time for rest before the renewal.. As our minds turn inward and we re learn just how Joyous it is to look to Spring and smell the flowers….
    May you continue to embrace the Flower within 🙂


  2. I guess I am wondering if you have ever lived in the tropics? I lived in Honduras for nearly three years, and interestingly, they had winter – they had winter twice a year, actually. In agriculture, the farmers observe two winters and two summers, divided as wet and dry seasons. Being from temperate North America (New York), where we see extreme differences in seasons, the difference was subtle to me, and I never got into the rhythm of them, but the farmers felt them and planned accordingly. It was definitely an important difference for them, their crops, and their livelihood; and definitely more than a name.
    I don’t dislike this post though. I do like to contemplate the changing seasons and how they affect my own tendency to look inward and outward. I found this year that during the summer, between Lughnasadh (Aug 1) and Mabon (Sept 23), I wrote and wrote, feeling creatively introverted. But between Mabon and Samhain (Oct 31), I wrote very little in my blogs, looking more outward. The day of Samhain, I began again like a crazy woman, and seem to be in a walking meditation even through my daily life. It is pretty heavy, yet also awesome. I feel it runs in flux with the seasons and the balance of light and dark both within and without.
    If you are interested in my blog on my spiritual path, check out Seedling In The Sun through my Gravitar profile.


    • I have never lived in the tropics, no. The closest I have been is when I lived in Florida. 🙂 But thank you for showing that even in the tropics, the seasons are evident! I am glad you didn’t dislike my post though! 🙂

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