Sun filters through holes left behind..

Sun filters through holes left behind..

All things come and go, come into being then go back again. Sometimes we feel we are left with a huge hole… or where something once was and now is no longer there.

We can reminisce and we can look ahead. We can hide in the past and we can hide in the future. Sometimes it is important to think about the past and future, but we must always be careful to not get trapped there.

So they say, ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’….

Is there any other day?




5 thoughts on “Holes

  1. Yes this moment is all we have… And I totally understand your thoughts as we are left with holes all throughout our lives.. Such a good analogy though as you said the Light Filters through them..
    Teaching us to fill them with the good memories .. but also allowing the light of them to guide us through our empty spaces..
    Once we allow that Love to permeate within, we then see how those holes heal ..

    Sending thoughts your way to you and your family..
    Blessings Sue


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