Luna Fish

LunaFish. She wasn't always looking this grumpy!

LunaFish. She wasn’t always looking this grumpy!

One of my cats had been suffering with an illness that was not going to get any better. She was slowly starving to death and my wife and I decided that we should not let her suffer any longer. What a horrible position to be in, to decide in taking a life. What a worse place for my cat to be in.

Luna-Fish was her name. She was born in Woodstock, New York and flew over when my wife and I moved to England. She was your typical ‘scared-e-cat’. She got spooked by any abrupt noise or movement. Plastic bags and guitars were the worse!

Now, I know cats can’t speak, lol, but she was telling me it was her time. She asked in her own way. She knew. The day the vets came to the house (She was such a gentle and skittish kitty, that we wanted to put her to sleep at her home, to be as comfortable as possible), that day, I had her on my bed. My wife and I took turns sitting with her while the other watched our kids. Luna had spent the past few weeks living under the bed. She loved under there, but it had become the only place she stayed. I crawled underneath to pull her out. She wasnt happy about it, but she also didn’t really stop me either. I put her on top of the bed. And we just sat. And sat. I cried, oh bucket loads of tears. Luna understood.

My mother-in-law took over watching the kids, so my wife and I spent some time together with Luna. She was in constant pain, but now, at that time, she seemed to let go of her suffering, she was, well, relieved. And she was so strong, so brave. She laid up against my leg and rested her head, her chin on my thigh. It was complete gratefulness and love. She was ready. It was horrible yet beautiful. My wife reminded me to be happy for Luna, not sad, but my heart poured tears.

I miss Luna. Where did she go? I don’t know but I wish her well and thank her for being part of my family. She was such a special cat.


11 thoughts on “Luna Fish

  1. I have had too many experiences in my life having to make the decision to place my canine and feline children in the hands of a higher power. It never gets any easier, but I firmly believe I will see them again. I believe they are pieces of the life puzzle that is fully formed when we ourselves die resulting in the creation of our heaven. I have faith that I wasn’t given these great gifts to lose them forever, but rather to teach me strength, compassion, love, and above all, faith. Know you’ll see them all again, sweetie. They’re there as sure as they were here. Above all, always admit to being lost without them so you can be sure to cry tears of joy as great as your tears of sadness when you’re reunited. Luna is a guardian of you all now and always will be. ❤


  2. Dear Richard.. I read this through a haze of tears, and so understand your thoughts as you and your family went through this experience together..
    Our pets are part of our family.. For me too, I had 3 wonderful Cats who owned me.. One 21 the other 14 and one only 3.. I had to make that painful decision 3 times, and where do the go? Oh I felt two of mine on my bed pawing months after their passing.. And know their bond once stuck within our cords of love, they are never lost,, But will remain bound to you until that time of reunion..

    Sending my thoughts your way..
    Sue x


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