The butterfly

What is your natural function?

What is your natural function?

“Please, please help me” said the butterfly to the caterpillar.

“What is wrong?” replied the fat little furry guy.

“I am cold and the wind blows me about. I want to go back home, be warm and furry and fat again. I want my feet to touch the ground or a branch, and fear not the wind’s fickleness. I so miss those days of slowness and comfort.”

“I can help you, yes.”

“Well? … How?”

“You remember well the comforts of your previous incarnation, the warmth and security and the like….but do you remember your thoughts back then?”

“oh, um… yes, I remember wanting to be a butterfly! I was so jealous of my older siblings, and I feared every bird I saw, unable to fly away from the danger. Oh, it was horrible, all I wanted was to be a beautiful butterfly!”

“Just like this, you will always be looking where you are not now, and you will always suffer, ..wishing your life was different from what it is right now”

“Oh I see, thank you little guy…. So tell me, where is your mind right now?”

“Oh, I want to be a butterfly!”


“Well, you see, I may understand these things but I have yet to fully realize their truth, so I still look at you with envy, with desire, and strive to become a free and beautiful butterfly!”

An Ox was nearby grazing, and listening, and opened his mouth and let out a very loud “QUACK!!”.

The butterfly flew away with the wind and the caterpillar put his head down to munch on a green leaf as the Ox smiled, chewing some grass.


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