Sometimes, things just fall apart

Sometimes, things fall apart

Sometimes, things fall apart

“When things are shaky and nothing is working, we might realize that we are on the verge of something. We might realize that this is a very vulnerable and tender place, and that tenderness can go either way. We can shut down and feel resentful or we can touch in on that throbbing quality.”
― Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heartfelt Advice for Hard Times


Sometimes, we just need to buy a new bowl.




Earth Centered Solar System (is not wrong!)

A building on my campus.. not exactly sure what a satellite applications catapult is, but it sounds awesome!

A building on my campus.. not exactly sure what a satellite applications catapult is, but it sounds awesome!

The Earth orbits around the sun… so we are told.

It just fits so much better with what we observe than the thought that the Sun orbits around the Earth….

If we think about this deeply, we can realize that any thing… a star like our sun, a planet like our Earth, any object, can be seen to be stationary and the whole Universe in flux around it. Thinking like this, we can model our solar system so that the Earth is the center and does not move. Everything in the Universe moves around the Earth, or at least moves away or towards it…. That model of reality can work. It can be used to make predictions and can be useful. Now, equally, we can model our solar system with the sun at the center, unmoving, and everything in motion about it. This fits much easier with what is observed, makes better predictions and makes much more sense. That said, it is still just a model, and not the Truth.

When people talk about ‘finding your center’ and ‘being grounded’….. what do they mean? Do they even know themselves? Lol. Do you own something that is unmoving? Can you? Is it even possible? What is it that is reborn if reincarnation does not exist?

So, what is in your center? Can it actually contain anything at all? If it does, can those contents remain unchanging? For how long? At what point does the flux of its contents make it no longer your center?

Do you actually have a center in the first place?

Find your center, then let it go… it wasn’t yours anyhow…. and who knows,  you just may find an iron mountain in your belly.

The butterfly

What is your natural function?

What is your natural function?

“Please, please help me” said the butterfly to the caterpillar.

“What is wrong?” replied the fat little furry guy.

“I am cold and the wind blows me about. I want to go back home, be warm and furry and fat again. I want my feet to touch the ground or a branch, and fear not the wind’s fickleness. I so miss those days of slowness and comfort.”

“I can help you, yes.”

“Well? … How?”

“You remember well the comforts of your previous incarnation, the warmth and security and the like….but do you remember your thoughts back then?”

“oh, um… yes, I remember wanting to be a butterfly! I was so jealous of my older siblings, and I feared every bird I saw, unable to fly away from the danger. Oh, it was horrible, all I wanted was to be a beautiful butterfly!”

“Just like this, you will always be looking where you are not now, and you will always suffer, ..wishing your life was different from what it is right now”

“Oh I see, thank you little guy…. So tell me, where is your mind right now?”

“Oh, I want to be a butterfly!”


“Well, you see, I may understand these things but I have yet to fully realize their truth, so I still look at you with envy, with desire, and strive to become a free and beautiful butterfly!”

An Ox was nearby grazing, and listening, and opened his mouth and let out a very loud “QUACK!!”.

The butterfly flew away with the wind and the caterpillar put his head down to munch on a green leaf as the Ox smiled, chewing some grass.


One layer after another after another after another....

One layer after another after another after another….

When we begin to look inside ourselves and try to answer the question “Who am I?” we sometimes perceive many layers to our being. We can shed these layers with our thoughts, seeing what lies underneath. The more we remove, or look beneath, the more layers we come across. Endless layer after layer…

What remains when we reach the end of endlessness?

Just as 49 reeds can hold each other up, none can stand alone.

Whose reeds are these then?

All our complexity, our quirks, our likes and dislikes…. all our opinions and thoughts and feelings….. are they nothing more than the reflection of numberless reeds coming together? Who or what perceives this reflection?

Sometimes the Universe just simply loves to spy on itself… see what it’s up to! lol.

Enjoy. 🙂