Hair grows naturally on your head…



…Unless, of course, you are bald. 🙂


Flowers blossom without trying. They already know what to do. When the circumstances are correct, the unfolding of events which is a blossom, occurs without effort.

What actually takes effort?

Only our thinking minds require effort.

If we let go, effort disappears. Then even the most impossible situation is effortless to approach.

Prove it!

A staff, a stick, a branch, a wand?  Bark scrapped off, raw and red underneath. What is this? I don't know!

A staff, a stick, a branch, a wand?
Bark scrapped off, raw and red underneath. What is this? I don’t know!

The Cosmos is filled with transcendent light.

Quantum superpositions layer my brain with riddles.

The sound of one hand clapping…..

This particle is both here and there, it has experienced all possible outcomes, yet only one outcome emerges victorious.

Is it like this?

The Universe is beyond comprehension. Through comprehension, this truth is illuminated.

Although it is possible that the position of an electron orbiting an atom in a neurotransmitter in my brain is currently on Pluto, it is not likely. However, it is possible, and in fact, it has experienced this possible ‘history’. What does that mean?

It means the Universe is utterly amazing!!! Now, I have simplified/bastardized the physics somewhat, and that’s OK, I feel, as the crux of my message is intact….. That the Universe, when studied scientifically, is beyond bizarre and appears to contradict itself.

We are the Universe perceiving itself. What do you perceive? Is it yours? Does your perception capture Neptune’s atmosphere? Pluto’s surface? Does it matter?

Science is a truth seeker. Religion is a truth seeker. Both can be corrupted in intent. Both can be pure in intent.

An honest heart coupled with a focused brain captures the essence of both, religion and science. Our hearts are like our religious/spiritual self… they know truth but can’t prove it. Our brains are like our scientific self… they can prove things but know those proofs are built on foundations of other proofs, which are built on other proofs.. until…. we understand that all truths are a house of cards.

So, our hearts and brains in balance provide a great team to find Truth. When our brains prove something is true but our hearts don’t believe it, then scepticism emerges, for good or bad. When our hearts know something is true but our brains can’t prove it, then scepticism emerges here too.

So, we should trust our hearts and make our brains prove it!

Of course, ultimately, there is no heart, no brain, that is an island to itself. ‘Our’ hearts, ‘our’ brains… whose are they? Where is the boundary of our compassion and thoughts?

In the end, I simply know that I don’t know and that’s enough knowledge. Being honest, accepting the uncertainty of all things, including our ‘knowledge’, frees us from boundaries we previously laid down for ourselves. Sure, these boundaries are normal, and natural, is it a good idea to ‘know’ that a lion might eat you!! But attaching to our ‘knowledge’ as reality and as Truth is dangerous and eventually will make us suffer, as we will always be ensnarled in its web of mirrors.


Your tiger will never leave, so stop running and take him with you. There is no rush.

Your tiger will never leave, so stop running and take him with you. There is no rush.

The tiger is always lurking.

We can ignore him, we can run from him, we can challenge him.

But he is always there, always watching you. Waiting.

Now, one day this tiger will eat you. You know that. He knows that. He eats all beings.

So, do we run from the tiger? Do we challenge the tiger? Do we ignore the tiger? We can’t kill the tiger, so what do we do?

We can tremble in fear, knowing we will be eaten. We can get angry and attack the tiger (though we know who will win). We can ignore him, hoping he will get bored and go away.

Or we can accept him. He has a job to do. If we befriend him, perhaps when he comes to eat us, it will be a joyful occurence. Well, maybe joyful isn’t correct. If we befriend him, a freedom emerges and we no longer become bound living in fear of death.