How did we get here?



How did we get to where we are? Sometimes we may wake up one day and realize we are in a situation we never expected or planned. Sometimes thats a good realization, sometimes it might be a nightmare. We might rehash in our minds decisions we made, and get upset with ones we feel were very bad ones. Why did I do that

It doesn’t matter. Only through the good and the bad of our past are we where we are now. Maybe we hate where we are now, maybe we love it. It doesn’t matter. 

Pema Chödrön has taught: “Start Where You Are.”

I love this teaching. Where else can we start? lol. We can’t have a do-over with our past. We can’t act in the future. Starting right here, right now, is all there is. So, lets drop all our baggage, both good and bad, and start here, right now. 

This is why a drunk man who wants to hear the Dharma, with a pure heart, is already more advanced than someone who has studied all the Sutras. 

“Oh, i will start meditating tomorrow, oh, i will wait until my flu is gone.. oh, i will wait until all my bills are paid….”.. Right now, even if in debt, drunk, filled with flu or disease, surrounded by chaos and being pulled by different people in different directions… what better time to practice the Dharma? Or not even Dharma, just to practice living our lives, not putting them on hold. Sure, there is suffering, and Enlightenment doesn’t pay your bills or rid you of bad influences, but if we accept our lives, good or bad, and accept ourselves, to ourselves, in our heart, we can start to feel some freedom, and tears may flow down our cheeks from the release .. the release of the grip on our hearts, the grip we hold ourselves. Lets let go our our grip, our hearts will pump fuller, free-er and sing our own song. 

Listen to your song, it is absolutely beautiful, glorious and only wants to make you smile, along with all beings.

2 thoughts on “How did we get here?

  1. Richard I so enjoyed reading your thoughts.. Yes it takes many things and many paths of emotional changes to bring us to the point of now.. learning to embrace both sadness and joy as part of being what makes us who we are in this now is something that I totally accept..

    Thank you for this enlightening post … Wise words indeed.. 🙂


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