Here we are

Arrival.... and departure... Here we are, always

Arrival…. and departure… Here we are, always

Well, where else would we be?! lol. But, yeah, here we are. Whatever and wherever ‘here’ is…

Arrival here is always from the act of departure and always will lead to departing yet again. But what is it that departs? What is it that arrives? Does this even make sense?

Here we are, already complete. Nothing to add, nothing to take away. In an instant, we can become unbound by our karma and be free. Our karma doesnt disappear, it’s still there, but there can be a transcendence. I think of it like this: A person smokes for 20 years and then, one day, wakes up and has a powerful realization and determination to quit. They never smoke again. So, they broke the binding nature of their karma, their addiction. But the karma is still there… Their lungs can’t heal overnight because they have transcended their attachment to smoking! lol. This karma residue, for that’s what karma is, just residue, is like the tar in the lungs. It is there… but how we deal with it is critical.

Our lives are like this. Buddhas are like this. Enlightenment doesn’t mean our karma dissolves, it means a being is not attached, not bound by their karma… they are still affected by it though.

So, where are we? We are here, all our baggage, both the good and the bad in tow. Good karma is only good if it helps us realize our inherent true nature, otherwise it will turn sour and generate poor karma. That said, even poor karma will ripen and turn good. It just keeps turning around, never stopping. Can we get off the cycle of suffering and dissatisfaction? We are already off, we just don’t realize it. Here we are, already complete, nothing to add, nothing to take away.

The birds chirp and the fan blows. Hearts pound and love swirls. What else is there?


6 thoughts on “Here we are

  1. Kamma = self-oriented action and/or intention (thought).
    Vipaka = resultants, or the maturation of kamma.

    Just adding some context if that’s okay? 💡

    With gratitude and respect to you Richard.

    Hariod Brawn.


      • Maybe it seems pedantic, though in respect to any authentic teaching, it seems respectful to retain clarity for the purpose of all future adherents. In common currency, of course people regard ‘karma’ as being both action and resultant – fair enough; it’s just a word – though as you and I respect the great traditions, then let’s retain their original clarity wherever possible.


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