This very moment, yes right now!

Which path? The only one that presents itself in this present moment is all we need.

Which path? The only one that presents itself in this present moment is all we need.

When we give our all to this very moment, this very moment gives all back to us. When we give our all to the past, or to the future, this very moment fades away and the treasure is lost.

Sometimes we want to escape this present moment. Sometimes we never want this present moment to end.

In the end, all moments change, regardless if good or bad.

If we try to escape this moment because it is a painful moment, then we become fearful of returning back.

If we try to hold on to this moment because it is awesome, then we risk being left behind as the awesomeness fades and changes and becomes the past.

Just returning ourselves to the right here, right now, be there pain or happiness, allows us the chance to become alive again. Then, in this alive state, we can begin to understand and begin to realize the nature of ourselves. And hey, we may realize we are not so bad after all!

How did we get here?



How did we get to where we are? Sometimes we may wake up one day and realize we are in a situation we never expected or planned. Sometimes thats a good realization, sometimes it might be a nightmare. We might rehash in our minds decisions we made, and get upset with ones we feel were very bad ones. Why did I do that

It doesn’t matter. Only through the good and the bad of our past are we where we are now. Maybe we hate where we are now, maybe we love it. It doesn’t matter. 

Pema Chödrön has taught: “Start Where You Are.”

I love this teaching. Where else can we start? lol. We can’t have a do-over with our past. We can’t act in the future. Starting right here, right now, is all there is. So, lets drop all our baggage, both good and bad, and start here, right now. 

This is why a drunk man who wants to hear the Dharma, with a pure heart, is already more advanced than someone who has studied all the Sutras. 

“Oh, i will start meditating tomorrow, oh, i will wait until my flu is gone.. oh, i will wait until all my bills are paid….”.. Right now, even if in debt, drunk, filled with flu or disease, surrounded by chaos and being pulled by different people in different directions… what better time to practice the Dharma? Or not even Dharma, just to practice living our lives, not putting them on hold. Sure, there is suffering, and Enlightenment doesn’t pay your bills or rid you of bad influences, but if we accept our lives, good or bad, and accept ourselves, to ourselves, in our heart, we can start to feel some freedom, and tears may flow down our cheeks from the release .. the release of the grip on our hearts, the grip we hold ourselves. Lets let go our our grip, our hearts will pump fuller, free-er and sing our own song. 

Listen to your song, it is absolutely beautiful, glorious and only wants to make you smile, along with all beings.

Asalha Puja



My family and I went to the Asalha Puja celebration at the Forest Hermitage yesterday. This is a celebration of the Buddha’s first sermon following his enlightenment. This sermon is sometimes referred to as the  ‘setting into motion the wheel of dharma’.

The hermitage is located in the beautiful English countryside, with wonderful gardens and Buddha statues all over the place. There are also signs with meaningful quotes and sayings. One sign said “Remember you don’t meditate to get anything, but to get rid of things. We do it, not with desire, but with letting go”. Now, that sounds reasonable, sure. But if we think deeply about what it is telling us, we may realize that we may assume that we meditate to obtain Enlightenment but this is ‘to get something’! Meditation with a goal is ‘incorrect’! But how do we meditate without goal? How does meditation get rid of things?  Hmm, maybe it is telling us that Enlightenment is not obtained through desiring it, but naturally blossoms when we get rid of things, such as our ego-mind. So, we meditate without desire, without goal, and we can do it through the process of ‘letting go’.

Letting it all drop away and simply sitting, meditating. What can burden us when we dropped it all on the floor?! lol.

Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye, and without turning your head, you turn your eyes to see it and then it is no longer is in view? Sometimes trying to look directly at something makes it invisible. Sometimes thinking it may be just around the corner, makes it forever run around the next corner. Sometimes simply letting go of the seeking, enables our Ox to come into focus.

Say that again please and I will listen carefully.

Say that again please and I will listen carefully.

Here we are

Arrival.... and departure... Here we are, always

Arrival…. and departure… Here we are, always

Well, where else would we be?! lol. But, yeah, here we are. Whatever and wherever ‘here’ is…

Arrival here is always from the act of departure and always will lead to departing yet again. But what is it that departs? What is it that arrives? Does this even make sense?

Here we are, already complete. Nothing to add, nothing to take away. In an instant, we can become unbound by our karma and be free. Our karma doesnt disappear, it’s still there, but there can be a transcendence. I think of it like this: A person smokes for 20 years and then, one day, wakes up and has a powerful realization and determination to quit. They never smoke again. So, they broke the binding nature of their karma, their addiction. But the karma is still there… Their lungs can’t heal overnight because they have transcended their attachment to smoking! lol. This karma residue, for that’s what karma is, just residue, is like the tar in the lungs. It is there… but how we deal with it is critical.

Our lives are like this. Buddhas are like this. Enlightenment doesn’t mean our karma dissolves, it means a being is not attached, not bound by their karma… they are still affected by it though.

So, where are we? We are here, all our baggage, both the good and the bad in tow. Good karma is only good if it helps us realize our inherent true nature, otherwise it will turn sour and generate poor karma. That said, even poor karma will ripen and turn good. It just keeps turning around, never stopping. Can we get off the cycle of suffering and dissatisfaction? We are already off, we just don’t realize it. Here we are, already complete, nothing to add, nothing to take away.

The birds chirp and the fan blows. Hearts pound and love swirls. What else is there?

Continuing on…


Sky and Tree, come settle on me.

The rumbling of the Earth slows down as the Buffalo retires for the night. Opening my eyes slowly reveals the stars overflowing the black sky as the dust of trampling hooves settles around. My mind is whirling, spinning and this too, slows down as my focus comes into being. Where am I? What has happened?

Who am I?

The Peacepipe is passed around and the close-by low chatter sounds like distant chanting. Smoke fills my eyes and being, breathing in those words, that chatter, filling inside my being…. Then exhaling and out comes chanting, clear and strong.

Thank you my ancestors, for these gifts you have bestowed upon me.

This is a continuation of a previous post here.