Bad Buddhist?


I like Christmas Trees... Not very Buddhist! (My son likes Christmas Trees too!)

I like Christmas Trees… Not very Buddhist! (My son likes Christmas Trees too!)

Sometimes I feel like I am a bad Buddhist. I don’t meditate as often as I feel I should and I sometimes let thoughts and feelings feed my ego. Then I realize that it is my own thinking that creates these thoughts, and then I am not so hard on myself. I let it fade away and let my practice to be fully attentive of this moment, as projections of ‘shoulds’ and ‘ought-to’s’ take my mind on a journey away from Riding the Ox back home.

In the news recently, I read about a mob of Buddhists killing Muslims. My heart sank. Now, these are bad Buddhists… so bad, one could argue that they are so far removed from the Buddha’s teachings, they should not even be called Buddhists. I am sure this is how many Muslims feel about Islamic extremists. You hear about their religion being hijacked.

Now, a Buddhist doesn’t mean standing by and not reacting to protect themselves or others… they wouldn’t just let someone murder a little kid in front of them, they would try to stop that violence. But revenge, retribution is not the Buddhist way. At least this is my understanding.

The Bodhisattva Vow means trying to save all beings from suffering, and this includes ‘bodhisattvas’ themselves. The hateful buddhist, the Islamic terrorist, the peaceful Dali Lama, the peaceful muslim, they all are not separate… harming one harms yourself, harms all. Love thy neighbor… Harm none…. Whether you label that one-ness as God or Mother Earth or Emptiness dancing with Form, the message is clear. You already know in your heart the answer, let it out already and let it shine. Let your love-light shine!


6 thoughts on “Bad Buddhist?

  1. i felt the same when i heard about what was happening there, but they are just folks and buddhism is a religion like any other in so many ways…in fact thats a daily reminder that all religions and the like hve bad and good persons identifying with it…someyimes i think im lucky to ive in a backwater of buddhism and taosim like i do here in oklahoma…its solitary but the chance for uninfluenced practice is great lol…thanks for your posting…


  2. I agree. its the human behind the name, not the teachings . So many put labels on themselves, and also many put the label into one box classing all as the same.. When its not the case….
    I know of many who call themselves Spiritulists, and yet they are far from spiritual…
    We as humans all have Choice!.. and some choose to tread and follow the 8 fold path… the good red road, or what I prefer is the love of our hearts… Doing what is right….
    We are all of us Human, and we are hear to experience and grow, along that road comes many twists and turns and obstacles to overcome…. If we all chose the same path, we wouldn’t learn much….Its how we overcome our tests and obstacles in life that counts, Its how we deal with life…. And its how we give and share and how we learn and grow that matters…..
    straying from our paths often lead us to a better route and all roads eventually lead us home… So Keep shining….. your light is bright 🙂


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