Who is in that mirror?

Mirror on the floor, guess who reflects back throughout the Universe? and my bathroom.

Mirror on the floor, guess who reflects back throughout the Universe? and my bathroom.

The other morning, I was brushing my teeth as usual and my gaze was downward in the sink as I brushed away. I found myself then shifting my sight to the mirror to look at my face. When I looked up, the mirror wasnt there! (The string holding it on its hook had snapped earlier in the day and my wife placed it to the side.) So, it was very interesting, as I saw in my vision, for a split second, my own face! I was so prepared, mentally, to expect my reflection that my brain already completed a picture for me! of me! How much of our vision is our own? Our own invention? Preconceptions are rampant in our minds, and that can be just fine… afterall, we are meant to be that way, but so long as these preconceptions are used properly. What is their proper use? Their correct function? Perhaps some of our preconceptions are just plain false and should be discarded. Perhaps some provide a useful tool for decision-making. In the end, they are always there… what do we do? Well, one thing is to trace the origins of these conceptions, these pre-conceptions. Another thing to do is to simply acknowledge them for what they are and let them go. If they are worthwhile, they will come back to us… if not, overtime, the letting go with make them dissolve away.


6 thoughts on “Who is in that mirror?

  1. So true, so many of us preconceive be it ideas or expectations.. And let us not forget how the world mirrors our thoughts and actions… Letting go for many is hard… But once mastered… It frees our minds to view the world in its reality!..

    I have enjoyed my catch up today Richard… Wishing you and your family a wonderful June, May the Sun shine its rays as you keep lighting up our hearts with your most excellent thoughts..
    Blessings Sue xox


  2. Yes, I think that tapping into preconceptions and assumptions is one of the toughest acts of meditative enquiry. And yet, it’s altogether vital of course.

    With gratitude and respect, Hariod Brawn.


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