Does the Easter Bunny exist?

Does the Easter Bunny exist?

Sometimes you may hear someone say, “Don’t be so skeptical, have an open mind!”

But they of course are not the opposite of one another, they are the opposite of opposite! lol.

Being skeptical is having an open mind, a questioning mind, a beginners mind, a scientific mind, a don’t-know mind… a buddha mind.


Of course, being ‘skeptical’ is sometimes simply a polite way of saying to someone “I don’t believe that!” lol.



2 thoughts on “Skeptical?

  1. I like skeptics, It means they do not choose to believe everything one is told… My Hubby was a great skeptic, especially about Life after Life… Until he went along with me to a few demonstrations of Physical Phenomena.. And then joined a Trance group.. He had to see to believe… He got his proof… He is a great leveller in that he reminds me often don’t believe all you hear and all you read… 🙂 His open mindedness allows him to view from another perspective..
    Great post, and no one knows everything! So totally understand this post 🙂


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