Where’s your center? Where’s your centre?

Sign of the times....

Sign of the (past) times….


In some ways, it seems like the ‘art of writing’ is dying. A hand written letter is the thing of fables now-a-days it seems. Spelling is auto-corrected as we go, so you just need to kinda get the word correct and that’s fine! (I always feel a little bummed at myself when the auto-correct has no clue what word I am trying to spell!). Of course, when I type the word color, I get a squiggly redline as I am using a British spell-check, not an American one.

When i write reports for work, I find a strong sense to hold on to my American spelling of things, like ‘analyze’ and ‘meter’. I think when I feel stressed, I am more likely to ‘go American’! This is because when stressed, we naturally get more defensive, and that means digging down into the basics of what we know and what is comfortable. When I write ‘center’ with intent, I allow myself to attach myself to the notion I have of myself and what that means. I am not overly patriotic, though I am proud to be an American. I am also proud to be British now. But this pride, what is it really? It mainly is (though perhaps not fully is) a way to reinforce the concept we have of our own selves, it gives us an identity.

So, my auto-correct and my stubbornness to write ‘litre’ are great teachers of Zen!



As an aside: whenever I do write ‘centre’ or ‘litre’ I say them aloud in my head as ‘cen-tree’ and ‘lee-tree’! lol


2 thoughts on “Where’s your center? Where’s your centre?

  1. Yes I have noticed how spelling alters of same words in the USA to the UK here Richard.. and Spelling was never my best subject at school… But I had a brilliant English teacher in secondary school, who gave me some of her own books to read in my spare time.. I was hooked on the written word.. and she encouraged me to keep a diary…
    Her hand writing flowed in loops and swirls, and I was able to follow her beautiful style of handwriting.. Which I still use today.. in loops and swirls…

    The modern day children copy their teachers hand writing often too… Now its not so flamboyant, but follows more simple straight lines, neat and tidy…

    I enjoy writing in my journal by hand… and write all my poems by hand first before typing up.
    If it wasn’t for that wonderful teacher who passed away suddenly after I had been left school for two years.. I think I would have missed out on so much… She opened a world of words which became a refuge I could climb into and be alone in my own centre….. Something I will always be grateful for…

    Thank you for this post Richard… Its once again opened up my centre-heart as I think fondly of this wonderful lady..
    Sue xox


    • What a wonderful inspiration your teacher was! I am sorry she passed suddenly back then.
      There is something powerful about handwriting words, compared to typing… I even just recently, this past week, read an article about how writing words actually is better for learning than the alternatives. I imagine it is how the brain process information, and when we write, cursive in particular, with all the hoops and loops, we are painting this information directly onto our minds.


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