Spring into your heart!



Flowers have been used as a metaphor for Enlightenment numerous times. In fact, not merely as metaphor. The first transmission of the Dharma from the Buddha to his successor, was done without words, when the Buddha held up a single flower. Mind to mind transmission.

All winter long, does not the flower exist already, waiting to come into being under the correct conditions?

Our buddha nature is like this…. it has always been there..it is there right now! But unlike a flower, the conditions are always correct to unfold our true selves before us.

Some conditions may be more favourable than others, and we must work hard…tend to our spiritual garden… adding nutrients, watering, weeding…. and before you know it, our true selves may emerge effortlessly before us.

However, it is also nothing like this at all. lol. There are no defilements, no weeds, no lack of water or nutrients. Where you are right now, is perfect and complete. BAM! Who are you?

A drunkard gardener with a plot full of weeds and slugs? No problem if your heart-mind opens itself. One moment of truth in your heart is all you need to start the blossoming of your beautiful Buddha flower…. no matter if your drunk or angry or racist or poor…. truth is pure and, over time, if truth is allowed to been seen inside one’s heart, ‘defilements’ will eventually fade away….


4 thoughts on “Spring into your heart!

  1. Loved the picture of the daffodils and your analogy towards being a flower…
    What is the difference between a flower and a weed but the name we have given it.. And yes… We each are perfect.. for we each have the potential to bloom! and grow to the Light!..
    Wishing you a wonderful week Richard..


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