Smoke and Mirrors


If you meditate, who do you do this for?

Often we hear that before we can help others we must help ourselves. Well, maybe we don’t hear it often, but it is said from time to time. lol. There is a lot of value in those words, and they certainly have helped people turn their lives around. However, it is completely false! Well, sort of. Kinda. Perhaps. lol.

What do I mean? Well, we may feel that to better help other people, whether this may be our partner, our family, our society, or even extend to other animals and the whole world, that we must make sure we are in pretty good shape. Perhaps this means toning up the trifecta of mind, body and spirit. We may go to the gym, read lots of books and sit and meditate every day. That will gear us up to helping others, and we feel ‘prepared’ for it now.

But in reality, this ‘better-ing’ oneself, may reinforce the dualism of ‘us’ and other beings. In a way, it could prop up our egos.

Now, I am not saying that exercise, reading and meditating are bad news! Certainly not. But we must be clear about the reason we do these things. Even if the reason is to help other brings and our world. We can easily, without realizing, have our selfless ambitions turn into a ‘self’ affirming machine! So be careful and keep being awesome.

In the end, we don’t need to be physically fit, be well-educated nor meditate for hours every day. All we need to do is allow our heart-mind to be open. That’s really it. Nothing special. Sometimes it is painful, sometimes joyous, but when open, the love and compassion naturally flow and know where to go…. without effort… just like a puff of smoke disperses without effort, our love does too. No amount of cross-training, PhD’s and meditation retreats will supply it for you!


6 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors

  1. Wise words.. and you are so correct when you say ” No amount of cross-training, PhD’s and meditation retreats will supply it for you!”.. We simple need to go and find our Inner selves.. sometimes the most elusive, but when we do, the most rewarding present we could ever gift ourself.. is Self…


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