Moles in the ground turn the wheel of the Dharma

Big leaf, big wonder

Big leaf, big wonder

My son and I explored a giant leaf last year and we were mightily impressed with its size. My little guy tried to take it with him, so I explained that we didn’t need it, so lets just leave it and admire it.

Mother nature has always held a special place in my heart. I believe the late great Folk legend Pete Seeger was quoted as saying something like ‘When i am walking in the woods, I feel as though I am in church’.  I, too, get this amazing powerful, deep feeling when immersed within mother nature.

In Buddhism, we talk about ‘leaving home’. Walking in the deep woods can be ‘returning home’.

In the Oxherding pictures, we talk about ‘returning to the source’. Being enveloped, embraced, cuddled like a mother to a baby, by our Earth mother, is a powerful experience. When one is open to such an embrace, our sense of self naturally fades away and we may realize our deep faith in the interdependency and interconnectedness of all that is. These are not just airy-fairy words that sound pretty. When we allow ourselves to fall into Mother nature, allow ourselves to fall into love with Mother Nature, she always catches us, and sets us free from our own self-clinging.

Birds chirp and a branch falls, a stream trickles and a mole sleeps in his burrow. Already complete, we all are already Buddhas.


4 thoughts on “Moles in the ground turn the wheel of the Dharma

  1. Richard this is a beautiful post with a wonderful photo of you and your Son… Yes Mother Nature always catches us embracing us with her love.. all we need do is give her our love and respect in return for we are and always have been ONE… Many thanks for your insight..
    Sue xox


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