I See …

green, brown, bird, plump, flightless?, orange stick legs, ....

green, brown, bird, plump, flightless?, orange stick legs, ….

What are your first thoughts when you see the image above?

Think about how much processing your brain cranks out just to have some thoughts about the image. Think not only of what you come up with, like: “short, fat bird, possibly flightless, pretty earth colors” but also the gates that those thoughts flew past….. like, you almost instantly recognize it as a bird. What made your brain think that? Can you put your finger on the complex thoughts and preconceptions that must exist for you to think “bird” straight away?

Can you imagine just looking at this ‘bird’ without thought? without thinking? what does your brain say before it is allowed to rush through all those preconception gates?

Now, those gates are very, very important…If this was a tiger and you were in the wild, you better process through those gates quickly before you get eaten! So never underestimate their value!

That said, it is always good practice for your minds to think about what our brains are doing! Think about thinking! lol.. Or better even, thinking about ‘before-thinking’! Step it up again, and fall into the ‘before-thinking’ mind!!

I think I got a headache but I do love this pretty bird!


4 thoughts on “I See …

  1. Lovely post Richard and often we Look but seldom SEE.. we take many things at face value and do not really Look… Our thoughts are in constant motion, ticking along churning over many things at once.. And if we were more aware, we would SEE that what we are paying attention to in our thinking, we are bringing about in our reality.. We need to be mindful of our thoughts.. And yes I agree.. Think, before we think! .. 🙂
    Great post.. and many thanks for your recent visits Sue


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