Your brain is smarter than you!

Is this gorilla's brain smarter than you?!

Is this gorilla’s brain smarter than you?!

Our brains are amazing things… lots of activity happening even when we are not thinking about anything at all… Well, we might think we are not thinking, but our brains don’t think that! lol.

I was talking with some friends recently and I said “your brain is smarter than you”!

What does this mean? lol. I didn’t mean ‘Your brain is smarter than you realize‘… I meant, quite literally, that ‘your brain is smarter than you‘! lol.

It means that we tend to think,think,think, about the past, about the future, about 10 different things at once, it is what defines who we are, in a way. But, that’s just who we are…. our brains, however, are much smarter than all that noise. They quietly chug away, processing, making connections, finding solutions…. making hypotheses and testing them… all behind our backs! They care not about who we think we are, they just keep on chugging away… being much smarter than us.

Our hearts have neurons, our noses have metal in them, so we can tune into magnetic North… and our lungs can ‘smell’… what we think we know about ourselves sometimes isn’t complete and can limit what we realize…

Many decisions we make are already made by our brains before we think we make them! lol

So, what does this all mean? Who are we really? The facade of who we think we are making our decisions, or the brain behind those decisions, working away in ways we could never fully grasp through thinking? Of course, we can say it is the dance between the two, our conscious selves and our unconscious brain work-horse. Of course, then comes the question, who is the true master?

In the end, can we not just put all these thoughts down and realize who we are is nothing more, nothing less, than the collection of many things? Does this not expand to things outside of the body? We see a powerful ape and this triggers a release of chemicals inside our brain, which transforms our thoughts, and these thoughts transform our actions…. Where does ‘who we are’ stop? Can it stop?

Dropping these thoughts and simply returning to deep questioning, with an honest and open heart… who are you? Who am I? When we delve deeply, we may realize that the question itself doesn’t actually make sense.

When in evolution did 'we' slip from outside of our own brains?

When in evolution did ‘we’ slip from outside of our own brains?


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