Built for purpose


I know what I should be doing! I am right at home!

The beetle in this photograph is ‘built for purpose’. His/her form has evolved overs millions or years to perform certain functions. Hard armor for protection, wings for flight, colors for camouflage and mating. Claws for climbing and grasping… When a beetle is born into its natural habitat, it can survive and can flourish.

The same is true for all beings, whether a beetle, a cow, a pigeon, a whale, a snail… You get the idea. It also holds true for plants, the trees, the flowers, the bushes…. All beings….

So, where are we? Humans are the same. We have a habitat for which we evolved to be able to survive and flourish. We also are able to survive in very different climates through our clever-ness!…. Big warm parkas are pretty clever!!!

But, where is our natural home for our minds?

Can we find where our minds feel safe, and at home? This ‘natural’ home is healing and beautiful. When we are home, then we can feel safe to wander, to leave home, as we know where it was born from.

Our own light is always there, guiding the way.


10 thoughts on “Built for purpose

  1. Good post.

    Where indeed is the home for our minds? Do we really know where it was born from? And does it really matter whether we know that point of origin or not? To me, what matters is that space where the mind can be free…. as it soars unfettered. To me that space arises from our passions.



    • I am glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading. I like your take about our minds… how our passions give birth to where our minds can be free…..now, where are our passions born from? 🙂


  2. Wonderful thoughts, ~Our Minds are in constant chatter within as we listen and reflect, make judgements and choices… Where is our home.. I would say our thoughts are all interwoven even if we do not realise it… Connecting via our subconscious and Within the Mass Consciousness we are all of us part of…

    For some this may be a hard concept, as each would say we are individual, Yes we are, but thoughts are energy, Energy is forever flowing, attracting and repelling… Positive and Negative.. Like attracting Like…

    Its interesting to know that great ideas which are created are often created at a similar time by separate individuals often vast distances apart.. Some applying for patents for inventions.. So are they tapping into the Matrix of the Mass Consciousness of Thought? … Our Minds are complex tools… tools which for the most part we have forgotten how to use competently.. Having lost the art of many of our minds functions we only use a portion of it….

    Fascinating Post Richard… which leads me to ask where do our Dreams come from 😉 and why is it that while dreaming them they are so real, make so much sense while dreaming, and yet appear nonsensical when trying to explain when awake? We are indeed built for purpose, but maybe we have lost the purpose we were intended for? who knows 🙂

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading and you have given my mind much to think about 🙂


  3. As they say, ‘a good question,’ In this case two good questions.
    Your home sounds like a nice place to visit.
    My home is where ever I hang my hat, so to speak.
    I really own nothing yet I have quiet a lot to appreciate.
    My pommipalwordpress.com and I could come and house sit when you take leave. Kind regards Jack.


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