Who knows..

Who gnomes?

Who gnomes?

Who knows what will come?

The ‘arrow of time’ refers to the apparent fact that the past is always behind us, is always what has already happened, and well, is in the past, which leads us to the present moment, in which we travel forward into the unknowable future… the future that is always in front of us, is what has never yet happened….

Thinking of time flowing in any other direction leads to thoughts of sci-fi movies, of time machines…Thinking of time not having this arrow-like quality, directing us from the past, through the present, into the future, is difficult to do.

Logically, our minds work like an arrow, so this is how we naturally map out ‘time’.

But, ultimately, time isn’t directed. It doesn’t actually flow from past to present into the future. Now, our logical, thinking brains can not resolve that. So, how can time to be claimed otherwise? Through experience and through experiment. The best ways to prove to ourselves that time is not quite linear is to explore it oursleves…to think deeply about it, tie our brains into knots trying to solve it, to meditate on it, and to experience it. We can also look at experiments, not just the qualitative ones we can do with our own minds, but quantitative ones done with the scientific method. Recent experiments can show how an ‘effect’ can also have an effect on the very cause of that effect! I have talked about this before.

So, who knows what is truly happening? Lets explore this ‘who’ in depth and see what illuminates our path.


2 thoughts on “Who knows..

  1. I once posed this question to those in spirit during a communication session… I was told to stop thinking of Time as linear, and think of it as a deck of cards stacked on top of each other… with the view that each moment could be accessed at one and the same time.. So Past Present and Future are all on top of each other… Time is a hard concept to work our human mind through.. But past life regression can lead to present day healing… and what we do today is affecting our future…
    Its so important to live within the NOW of this Moment for really that is the only moment.. we can not go back one minute to change what we said, and we do not know what we are going to speak in the next half hour.. So all we can do is the best we can in the now..

    Love and Blessings Richard, Christmas time I am sure is going to be a busy time in your household.. Enjoy Sue


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