Open mind

Wow, what is that?!

My cat, Ernest Bogangles, thinking “Wow, what is that?!”

This photo was taken last winter. One of my cats was fascinated by the snow. He had never seen it snowing before and he was at the window watching individual flakes falling from the sky. It seemed to blow his mind! He kept looking as high into the sky as he could to figure out where it was coming from, if he could solve this strange occurence.

When we approach our interactions with our world with an open mind, all things are brand-new. Yet, we can apply our prior experiences to the new situation at the same time.

We can learn from all our experiences, no matter how repetitive they may seem. I learned quite a bit from my cat looking at the heavens. He was truly engaged, in absolute wonder, and he was seeking the Truth, an answer to what this ‘snow’ was all about!


11 thoughts on “Open mind

  1. As a cat lover myself, I learnt much from them my whole life.. And they brought so much unconditional love into my world… loved your photo … 🙂
    I hope all is well with you as the winds have played havoc around the UK today…


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