How hard do you try?

Water not trying very hard.

Water flows downhill without trying.

Clouds form and disappear without trying.

Monkeys try to jump from tree to tree… without trying…

Does that make sense?

How can we try to do something without trying? Is it possible? What does it mean?

It means there are two types of ‘trying’. One that is effortless, just the natural flow of things, letting the Universe unfold as it does. The other is with effort. “I tried so hard to focus on my breathing”. This type of trying exists only when our ego-mind exists, when our heart-minds are thought of as being separate from all things. This illusion of duality makes this type of trying exist. It makes things difficult! Lol.

I think a little green creature called Yoda once said ‘ No try, just do’ or something similar…. Not to downplay the importance of this by quoting popular culture, but there is truth there. But I would say perhaps ‘Just try, without trying!’. Lol. (Did you read that in Yoda’s voice?! haha)

When the illusion of duality is transcended, there is no-one who remains to ‘try’, just the Universe unfolding, just a boy jumping from a tree branch to another branch… Sometimes the boy falls and breaks a leg, sometimes he safety jumps to the other branch…. it is all simply the natural unfolding, the natural function of this Universe.


5 thoughts on “How hard do you try?

  1. Very true, often we try to hard to force things and then complain they didnt go the way we planned.. But we forget we are all part of a bigger plan, and things were meant to go the way they were meant to go..
    If I hadn’t have been made redundant in the jobs I had my path wouldnt have unfolded as it did. Each thing in life however we view them at the time is the Universe just being, We Try too much to bend it too our will, when maybe the Universe already knows our destiny and if we went a little bit more like the water, and just allowed ourselves to flow along its current, maybe we would travel all the more smoother as we allowed ourselves to follow the stream of life.. 🙂
    Wishing you well Richard..


  2. Thank you Rich for as usual “hitting the nail on the head” – having a tough time with feeling lost, not in sync with what should be and what will be – trying to force it, so to speak – I realize I have to “just do” as that wise Yoda said – my Dad always said that, too. I keep reaching for his wisdom and strength and it usually works. Just a tough time right now transcending the nonsense of current issues which prevents me from just doing. . You know, it never escaped me who Yoda was based on 🙂


    • Thanks Gina… Difficult times are never easy, but thats goes without saying. Each moment is the only thing we ever have, so take care of each moment. A great person once said ‘Start where you are’.. Another great person once said that a difficult situation is a good situation, (and that good situations are bad!)… we learn our most, become our best when we rise to hardships. Easy for me to write, so difficult to actually realize. I hope the tough time you are going through eases soon.


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