We are always teaching..and always being taught

We are always teaching..and always being taught

We are always teaching, regardless if we realize this or not. Sometimes we are being good teachers, sometimes not so good. People, animals, and the world are all our students, so we should act accordingly. They say Santa is always watching, so best to be good! lol.

I have been recently installing a new kitchen in my house and my son was eager to help. I wouldn’t let him, as it was too dangerous. As this project was more than a one day job, my wife came home with a toy drill so he could ‘help’ papa! Fantastic! But noisy! I don’t know why I fixed the battery connection! lol. Well, i do know, when I got that drill working, he was so happy, so eager to help!

During a break, I saw him as is shown in the photo above. He had seen me drilling into the walls to attach the units and using the vacuum at the same time. (Anyone who has drilled into masonary inside, knows that vacuuming as you go makes cleaning up so much better!). So, he had his drill, which isn’t really visible in the photo, and the vacuum and was helping!

So, i was teaching him without realizing it. Isn’t this what parents do all the time? We are teaching simply by living… through the example of our daily lives. But this always extends to everyone, everything…And, just all things are our students, we are all things’ student. The dance of interaction with the Universe. My son taught me quite a bit by his helping, and I am grateful!


2 thoughts on “Helping

  1. I agree with your observations.I work in a Montessori Nursery and the children’s favourite things are sweeping, polishing, doing up nuts and bolts and pouring.In fact any practical life exercise is good! I constantly learn from my 3 and 4 year olds.Their observations on life are priceless and I love them all. Make the most of this time with your little one because every day with them is beautiful.


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