The Shirts We Wear….

What shirt suits you?

What shirt suits you?

Some shirts are too big for us, some are too small…

Some are too colorful, some are too drab…

Some are long sleeved, some are short…

Some have buttons, some don’t…

Some are thin, some are thick…

Some have pockets, some are pocketless…

Some have collars, some don’t…

Some are worn for style, some are worn for warmth..

You get the picture..

I feel as though this is how Religions are… They all point towards Truth… to figuring out ultimate Truth… Regardless if it is Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, Islam, Shamanism…etc..

Sometimes a person wears the wrong shirt and gets further from the Truth. Sometimes this person will realize this and condemn that shirt..and throw it away and talk bad of it. Sometimes someone else will walk by and pick that shirt up and it is perfect for them!… and the Truth reveals itself.

So, it is important to not judge another’s shirt but, however, it is very important to judge one’s own shirt! Are you wearing the best shirt for yourself? Sometimes changing shirts can be the best thing to do. Sometimes wearing no shirt is the best thing to do!

Does your shirt fit you well? Maybe you need to add some buttons, or take away a pocket that holds too much junk? Maybe you need to pretend to be in a clothes shop, and just try on some other shirts and see what they are like, without prejudging what Truth you may realzie…. Maybe it will be possible to see Truth in any shirt you wear, or don’t wear… As Truth is everywhere, in everything, and nothing is exempt.

Be a lamp unto yourself and see what shirt best fits you… life is too short to be ill-equipped… make sure you are properly dressed for this occasion called Life!!


4 thoughts on “The Shirts We Wear….

  1. Brilliant analogy Richard, and I still keep picking up those buttons along the way! 🙂 and sewing them on.. Truth changes as our perceptions alter… and so my shirt has changed form throughout the years, and no doubt will end up a patchwork but it will be worn with affection and love 🙂
    excellent post


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