Human nature

Our blood flows... by who's choice?

Our blood flows… by whose choice?

The human body is a remarkably complex thing. It is amazing how everything knows what to do, when to do it, where to do it and how to do it. Yeah, sometimes our bodies make mistakes, but overall, they are pretty mind-blowing. Our blood knows where to go, what to do, we don’t even need to think about it.! Somethings we can control our bodies with our thoughts, like our muscles… we can decide to pick up a pencil… but some things we can’t control with our minds… like our blood… we can’t override, with our thoughts, the flowing of our blood…. it will flow no matter what you think! lol. Somethings we can take over control, like our eyes blinking…. it happens all the time without our thoughts, but we can also decide to blink if we so choose to. Perhaps we can control much more than we are normally led to believe…. like our blood pressure…. I think our brains have made access to very important things, like regulating blood pressure and heartbeats and temperature, very very difficult, for obvious evolutionary reasons. If we could easily think about stopping our heart from beating, well, that would not be a good thing in the long haul!

So whose body is this that decides for us to beat our heart, to make our blood flow, to breathe in air? Is our brain more a tool for our body than our body is a tool for our mind? That is a good thought meditation right there. Is there a right answer? Perhaps the question itself doesn’t even make sense when it comes down to it.


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