Which path?

Green leaves, brown bark, white light and cool shade.

Green leaves, brown bark, white light and cool shade.

Sometimes our journey is cool and shaded, and wrapped up with soothing sounds of birds and wind. The crisp smell of the Earth and leaves, and the crackling of dried twigs under our feet merge our bodies with the soil.

These times of feeling safe, secure and comforted, make us feel at home, immersed into nature; however, we may feel a deep sadness for living outside of Mother Earths bussom for most of our lives.

All paths with eventually circle the globe and bring us Home, yet that doesn’t mean chosing a path wisely is not important. So, it is important to take full advantage of those times when the path we are on feels ‘right’, feels like we are Home. We can focus on our minds, our hearts onto what is the origin of these feelings. Why do they feel like Home? Is it merely a mosaic of sensory perception, having a synergistic effect? Or is there something deeper? Being honest to ones’ own self is critical. It may be easy to conclude that one has ‘connected with Mother Earth’ and that many gods and goddesses abound and dance with you. Regardless, though, of the truth of this conclusion, what does it matter?

‘Taking advantage’ of these situations is not an ego-based action. If one can come to a fuller realization of their inherent true nature, this can only help to dissolve the illusion of our ego-mind.

From what I understand, only with utter joy with one’s own self, can one begin to realize their true inherent nature. Being in a state of bliss from realizing the beauty of your path is not something to disregard. It should be nurtured. However, subtle care must be given so that this bliss doesnt feed our ego-mind! “MY path is CORRECT!!” LOL.

Part of the bliss, the joy of seeing the beauty of a path is born from our wonder, our genuine ‘not-knowing’ what we are witnessing. Are not the most wonderous and beautiful things we ever experience things we never have seen before? Why is this? It is before our minds can categorize them, define and label them. We become merged with the experience.

Ugly paths, gorgeous paths… .they all led back Home, but never be afraid to follow the pretty path if it sings straight to your heart, for fear it will feed your ego…..while this is a risk, travelling a dark path holds the same risk… our ego’s hunger finds nourishment everywhere!!


2 thoughts on “Which path?

  1. Each of our pathways whether rough or smooth all lead us homeward.. I once asked those in Spirit why is it some seem to walk the rough roads with much turmoil upon their journeys, I was told Some choose to experience more lessons in the One life time, I pondered upon that, and if I were in the spirit world knowing I had an eternity to explore and grow, and was told this Earth Journey could be one of the richest lessons to grow from, but because we would be within this world of matter it may be painful…
    I think I would maybe choose in hindsight just the one journey.. So I think that those whose pathways have been hard here on earth, maybe, just maybe their growth spurt may have taken a huge leap… I hope so…

    I am thankful within my own though my friend to now have time to reflect and take in the beauty of our Wonderful Earth especially Autumn, as it brings its harvest and golden colours ….

    I now know how to trust and follow my intuition, And each path is important for those who walk a troubled path help the rest of us embrace the smooth….
    Thank you for this enlightening post
    Love and Blessings


    • Your kind words and thoughtful reply is wonderful. Thank you.
      Painful roads can be strong medicine, yes. Easy roads can be addictive medicine.
      Embracing the love of the Autumn leaves at our feet is glorious. I wish you the best along your travels and I am sure your wonderful, compassionate spirits and you have formed a healthy, symbiotic bond. Teach each other well and never turn off your lamp.


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