Mercury’s dancing with my heart

Water dance

Water dance

Crystal vibrations of atomic discontent. Seeking balance, movement never ceases. 

Who creates this seeking?

Water flows downhill without hindrance.

Absolute zero still seeks balance.

Again, this seeking is created, not known, and colder than zero Kelvin gets warmer to the truth.

The Moon dances with the Earth and the Earth with the Sun. 

What is not dancing with something? with everything? 

The Buddha has danced with us all before and will again, though he only does right now. 

100 feet below the surface of Mercury, crystals vibrate and speak and dance with us all… how could it not be so?

What else does not dance? Anything that appears in our mind, is already ours, and the tango begins, yet it never stopped. We may even realize it is Mercury’s soil that asked us to dance, it always has been asking us, year after year, decade after decade and we finally hear it, and we put out our hand and tap our foot, and off we go! We are Hers!

The big Elk in the river, the giant Squid in the Ocean, the bog Fern, the boulders of the Adirondaks, the deer Tick, the moss on our roof, they all dance without confusion awaiting our turn. 


3 thoughts on “Mercury’s dancing with my heart

  1. What beautiful words. Yes water always finds its way in- over- through- around. We need to find our balance like the water. Blending- merging-
    We are all drops each thinking we are seprate. And as we fall we each find our way back through the rivers of live. Merging once again as we blend in the Sea of Consciousness as become One again with all.
    Wonderful thoughts you have shared 🙂


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