Kissing is wonderful! And so are flowers!

ImageAh indeed. Kissing is truly wonderful. The photo above was taken a year ago. I kiss my son all the time! 



Teaching my son not to harm flowers, but to experience them with gentle touching and of course, smelling them!




Go on, give someone you love a kiss and some flowers! 

Mercury’s dancing with my heart

Water dance

Water dance

Crystal vibrations of atomic discontent. Seeking balance, movement never ceases. 

Who creates this seeking?

Water flows downhill without hindrance.

Absolute zero still seeks balance.

Again, this seeking is created, not known, and colder than zero Kelvin gets warmer to the truth.

The Moon dances with the Earth and the Earth with the Sun. 

What is not dancing with something? with everything? 

The Buddha has danced with us all before and will again, though he only does right now. 

100 feet below the surface of Mercury, crystals vibrate and speak and dance with us all… how could it not be so?

What else does not dance? Anything that appears in our mind, is already ours, and the tango begins, yet it never stopped. We may even realize it is Mercury’s soil that asked us to dance, it always has been asking us, year after year, decade after decade and we finally hear it, and we put out our hand and tap our foot, and off we go! We are Hers!

The big Elk in the river, the giant Squid in the Ocean, the bog Fern, the boulders of the Adirondaks, the deer Tick, the moss on our roof, they all dance without confusion awaiting our turn. 

Back to the core

Tree stump, petrified bear or boulder? Is there a correct answer? What is the truth?

Tree stump, petrified bear or boulder? Is there a correct answer? What is the truth?

The beautiful smell of warm Spring air is filled with happiness. Just so very wonderful.

Although all beings are already fully enlightened, most do not realize this Truth and suffer as a result. In Buddhism, very specific instructions are in place to assist one to realize this Truth…They hold your hand. Now, reading about the ‘Truth’ is not the same as understanding the Truth and even understanding the Truth is not the same as realizing the Truth, so one must be careful. Words can send one straight into hell for many years. Conversely, words can also do the opposite. With an honest heart, with pure openness to know the Ultimate Truth, words can yield Enlightenment, such as they did for the 6th Patriarch of Ch’an (Zen), Hui Neng.

Being truly honest with one’s own self is not something most people attempt much as they get older. As we age, we naturally learn stuff, and we acquire more and more knowledge. While this knowledge has truth contained within it, it closes other truth around it. We become complacent and believe that our acquired knowledges, our acquired truths, make up many pieces of the giant Truth puzzle. Even this understanding is dangerous. Ironically, Truth is without knowledge, without any ‘facts’, without any ‘fictions’. There is no Saturn, no melting point and no angels nor goddesses. Now, all these ‘things’ may exist, but defining their existence places parameters, and therefore limitations, on their Truth. Discrimination is the father of facts. This is not ‘discrimination’ as in the common useage of racism, etc, but as in a mind that distinguishes among things. This is natural and how our brains work. We must distinguish/discriminate between a small pebble and a small nut to eat. We can not live eating rocks! Nuts are much tastier and better for our teeth!! 

So realizing Truth is tricky, we must not discriminate among our discriminations!! Ha!

In Buddhism, they say the way to do this is through ‘non-attachment’. This allows us to eat nuts over rocks but yields the freedom to experiment…. maybe certain rocks can actually be eaten…maybe certain nuts look exactly like rocks and have always fooled us… maybe another truth exists. We have not closed the door. When we admit we just don’t know for certain, we leave Truth’s door wide open. So, Buddhism teaches that by not attaching (not fully believing?) our individual ‘truths’ we realize ‘Truth’ upon which nothing can rest.

The first Robin of Spring?

The first Robin of Spring?