We are already perfectly enlightened

see what grows!

In times of difficulty, the message from the Buddhas can help us through… We are already all Buddhas. Starting where we are is not only the best place to begin, it can be the only place to begin. It is also where we end. Starting right here, right now, we are all Buddhas. Clear-minded, drunk, diseased with dementia… are all included. Nothing is seperate from Universal Enlightened nature. Though we may not understand, and even if we do conceptually, we may not realize how it can be true. Here is where faith lives. Deep faith that we are already 100% a buddha, with nothing more to add and nothing to take away. Here we are, right now. Lets start here with our faith and trust this is truth and see what is allowed to grow in our hearts.

Just as mud may hold numerous seeds of all types of plants, we don’t know what may grow until the conditions are correct… warmth, air and water… let’s see what seeds are hidden inside our souls, our hearts. We always will be surprised yet never in doubt that it never was there.