UFO’s and all that

Ayahuasca: the sacred visionary brew of the Rainforest


So what are these things, UFO’s? Who sees them? Are they real? Are they advanced military machines? Are they advanced machines piloted by aliens? Are they holograms? Are they quasi-real, half existing in our 3 dimensions, half existing in other dimension(s)? Are they humans from the future? from the past? Are they bizarre life-forms, like jelly-fish but living in the sky? Are they machines piloted by dinosaurs that evolved into bi-pedal intelligent beings that live under the oceans? Are they hallucinations that mask child-hood trauma? Does trauma itself re-wire the brain to be able to see into other dimensions? Does the naturally produced chemical in our bodies, DMT, act as some sort of catalyst to experience other dimensions in a semi-logical physical way? Does plate tectonics release electrical discharges that alter the control and release of DMT in our brains? (More ufo’s are witnessed near shifting plates in the Earths crust). Do shamans learn how to control their DMT production/release in their brains that enable them to experience the true nature of ‘ufo’s and ‘aliens’? Do ‘normal’ people who see ufo’s see them in that context because it is the only context they can sort-of comprehend? Are there intelligences in the Universe that exist outside our neurons? Why is DNA, genes ‘coded’? as in the ‘genetic code’?…because it is a code, a language of 4 letters, that communicates with atomic structures (i.e ribosomes, etc.), and directs them. How is that not completely and mind-blowing insane?! It means nothing short that atoms, have the potential to organize into intelligence, and that has already occurred on Earth for at least 3 or 4 billion years.

My conclusion?

The Universe knows what it’s doing. It is smart. Damn smart. Super-duper Mr. Spock smart, and then some.
I have deep faith in myself, but I have much more faith in the Universe.

So, these ufo’s and aliens, what are they? I don’t know, I have never seen them that I can remember. I just know the Universe knows what’s it’s doing, more than i do!

(I wrote this back in December 2009) (Not my own image)