Letting Go…

Holding up the Earth, singing to my heart.

Holding up the Earth, singing to my heart.

“Letting go….”

It was said to me, almost without words, maybe even without words, spoken to my heart, my mind, all of me.

“Letting go….. Letting go….”

It was said to me as an answer, as advice, as medicine.

That great Indian in the sky. Indian to me, Red Indian, Native Indian, Native American to others… He came to me in a vision. Perhaps. Maybe it was I who came to him. His presence…..it took great effort on his part, I could tell, but ironically, was effortless…As though he made some great sacrifice to speak to me.

His face was almost what you would expect…old, wise, full of lines, wrinkles, with long hair flowing. Deep Wisdom. Truth. Calm and Peace. Above all – Love. His love was, well, boundless.

I just listened, and his message, his answer, was clear:

“Letting go”

And he was gone.

This is an experience I had many years ago, before I meet Buddhism.


7 thoughts on “Letting Go…

  1. Letting Go I know is easily said.. and yet can be extremely hard to do .. But better advise you will never get… Trusting to your own instincts and just being in the moment of love and Freedom of BEing.. Life we make too complicated.. when in fact it is that simple…. to just go with the flow and let go in the moment of now..

    Wishing you a Very Happy Healthy year with many Blessings sent your way to all your New Beginnings and I hope that you can find 2013 a year in which you can Let Go of past pain and hurts, Let go of remorse, Let Go of Fear, and Let go to become who you really are…. A Perfect Human BEing…

    Blessings sent your way my friend for 2013


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