Oh no.. down we go?!

Oh no.. down we go?!

Sometimes we feel we might be sliding backwards in our journey through life. Sometimes there are numerous compounding external factors that affect us in powerfully different and difficult ways. Sometimes, we create intense internal feelings which seem to knock us down. If we remove ‘internal’ vs. ‘external’, however, a different truth spontaneously emerges.

When we are at a point when we feel as though we are backsliding, regressing in our spiritual development, if you will, it is important to focus on what our heart-mind tells us is true: that our ‘goal’ does indeed exist, and, although it may be impossible to see it in our brain-mind, we know our heart-mind cannot lie when it emanates this Truth, its Truth. Here lay our deep faith and this is what gets us back to ‘upsliding’!

Is it not always our brain-mind, our ego-mind, that births a backsliding moment?

Is it not always our heart-mind that rescues us?


Flowers emerge from the darkness below.

Be kind to our hearts, for they bear wisdom and truth. Be kind to ourselves.


6 thoughts on “Backsliding

  1. I so agree,,,, we are often our harshest critic and are ruled by our emotional bodies which influence our heads as we doubt our hearts..
    We are all of us going through these days of feeling like we take three steps forward and two steps backwards..
    The trick is to keep that faith and know we emerge from those dark thoughts which trap us at times…. Know we are Light and our burdens will lighten also…
    Blessings Sue


  2. I have never left the classroom. As I move through life I have found that what I learned is of no use unless it is applied to daily life. Many situations demand use of something I have learned. Some provide new lessons.


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