Heart and mind dancing in embrace….

no brain, no heart, trees still grow without hinderance.

flowing up and down
round and round
without a sound

heat flush
red rush
head expands
sweats commands

thoughts race
making haste
barreling over
brain brace

over the cliff
thoughts catapult
thoughts return
with insult

leave this domain
remove your stain
release this pain
is this sane?

overcome and
thoughts overload
this brain abode

the heart weeps
and breathes in deep
flows fresh blood with its spirit,
it can seep
deep into this brain
and end all pain.

“I will never forget you”
“I will be your servant, that is my role”
thinking brain says
“you saved my life”
“you saved my soul”

The heart replies
“yes, I saved your soul”
“But I am selfish too, you see”
“Your soul is nothing, if not only me”
“think for me, that is my command”
“I only feel, i only heal”

This is a poem from April 2010.


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