Oxherding VI – Riding the Ox Back Home

Attributed to Shubun. Photo taken from Zen Ink Paintings by Barnet and Burto

Our Ox is now calm and obedient after we have tamed and herded him. We gaze into each others eyes and stare into infinity. A smile naturally springs forth on our face and our Ox flaps his tail around, smacking his own back, beckoning us to climb aboard. We pat his neck and jump on up. His back is strong and solid as an iron mountain. He will not waver and will not fall. We play a flute and our Ox’s gait dances with the melody we play. Soon, there is no separation between our heart-mind and our buddha-mind…. Is our song leading the Ox’s dance or is his dance leading where our song will go?

Soon we will arrive home..


One thought on “Oxherding VI – Riding the Ox Back Home

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