Oxherding IX – Coming Full Circle

Attributed to Shubun. Photo taken from Zen Ink Paintings by Barnet and Burto.

Returning to the Origin, Back to the Source.

In the previous picture, both our Ox and our concept of self disappeared, they were transcended, and only the bottomless Emptiness remained. All that is, is connected, and there is not a hair of separation between the myriad of all things.

Where does this lead?

It takes us back to the Origin of all things.

All that is, came about through dependence of all that is. A circle birthing itself. No start, no end. Where lies such an origin?

The yew tree grows dark green through the cliff side’s cracks whilst thick fog comes and goes across the valley. A man climbs the rocks and pats the tree. The Origin is here, yet it is also everywhere.

A man, whilst on a mountain cliff, stands on a rock whilst holding a tree. He looks down into the valley with perfect clarity and sees people suffering below. With the heart of a Grandfather* for all beings, he effortlessly starts his descent, collecting tools along his way.

This will take us to the next picture, the last one of the Oxherding pictures. See you next time.

*My maternal grandfather passed away yesterday and my heart embraces him and his journey. I hope his Grandfather spirits are guiding him well and he has clarity and is at peace.

Oxherding VIII – Ox and Self Both Forgotten.

Attributed to Shubun. Photo taken from Zen Ink Paintings by Barnet and Burto.

Our Ox has taken us home. As we sit and gaze at the full moon, our Ox has been forgotten. Soon, the concept of ourselves and Enlightenment fade away too, merging with the Void… All that is, is empty, yet completely full of the entire Universe. There is no self, no ox, no moon, all is but One.

A circle is always complete, never-ending, beginning-less and endless.

Oxherding VII – Arriving Home

Attributed to Shubun. Photo taken from Zen Ink Paintings by Barnet and Burto.

Our flute finishes its song and our Ox finishes his dance. We have arrived Home. Our Ox’s journey is complete. We sit alone as our Ox slowly grazes lush grass nearby. Soon, our Ox wanders where the grass grows, naturally, and is no longer in our sight. We do not look for him and he is no longer in our minds.

The Earth is still and quiet. We smile at the full moon and know if we tap the ground with our finger, the whole Earth will vibrate and the icy moons of Jupiter will shatter.

Our finger stays put and is folded in our other hand as we sit in deep samadhi. Each breath we breathes creates and sustains the entire Universe. We are now home.

Science meeting Dogen’s Uji

Uji and quantum-ness

Another Oxherding interlude.. I saw this article and wanted to post it… I will probably post about Zen Master’s Dogen ‘Uji’ in a future post.. but this was too cool an article not to post it…

Basically, quantum mechanics entangle cause and effect… time is not exactly linear.. Dogen taught this many many years ago…

Switching cause and effect in quantum world? A causes B causes A.

Oxherding VI – Riding the Ox Back Home

Attributed to Shubun. Photo taken from Zen Ink Paintings by Barnet and Burto

Our Ox is now calm and obedient after we have tamed and herded him. We gaze into each others eyes and stare into infinity. A smile naturally springs forth on our face and our Ox flaps his tail around, smacking his own back, beckoning us to climb aboard. We pat his neck and jump on up. His back is strong and solid as an iron mountain. He will not waver and will not fall. We play a flute and our Ox’s gait dances with the melody we play. Soon, there is no separation between our heart-mind and our buddha-mind…. Is our song leading the Ox’s dance or is his dance leading where our song will go?

Soon we will arrive home..