Google Gorn!

(not my own image)

Yesterday i wrote a post that used an old Star Trek episode to illustrate how we have all the tools we need to realise our true nature, no matter how difficult our lives may be…. even perhaps that the more difficult our lives are, the better tools we actually have…

In the post, the reference was about a ‘gorn’, a lizard-man type creature. Later that night, last night, I noticed that George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek) posted on Facebook a link to Google. Google was honoring the 46th anniversary of Star Trek with a special Google home page. Each letter in Google was a Star Trek character and I clicked on the logo, and I got transported to the teleportation room and clicked again and then got beamed to a planet with the gorn who got blasted with the diamond gun!

How likely was this to happen? This was serendipitous! It made me think about my other recent experience of serendipity... The Universe is vast and amazing and I smiled as such when I saw the google gorn!


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