I wrote the following a year ago or so…

What percentage of the Earth is covered in water?

It is not 2/3 or there-abouts.

It is 100%.

Water is not just liquid.

Not just ice.

But also a gas.

Water vapor covers the entire globe.

Most of the globe has a surface of liquid water, the Oceans.

Some is covered with solid water, ice, the Glaciers.

All is covered with water gas, as water vapor in the atmosphere.

In you live in Upstate New York, in the snow belt, lots of water is white, as snow, and lots of snow.

In the winter, white is the color.

Covering the trees, covering the ground, the cars, the houses. The sky is white, snow falling from white clouds.

All is white, and sounds are muffled, insulated, a warm -15 Fahrenheit.

Leaving the house one morning, 10 years ago or so, begging the car’s engine to turn over, which it does, and while the engine block defrosts, i brush off the 8 or so inches of fresh snow off the car, that has been falling all night. The snow is still falling, and heavy, thick and deafeningly quiet. A silent, persistent and relentless dumping. Utter beauty.

Then, in the quiet of early morning i hear them.

The unmistakable honking from Canadian Geese, loud, but muffled, and strong, and constant. Powerful. I can’t see them above me, just hear them.
I stop and just listen. and float my minds eye up and up and up to the flock …
and imagine them, in an arrow shape, honking…

what can they see but white?

is that why they honk? to ‘see’ each other, and the ‘see’ upcoming dangers, like a low level sonar, like bats?

do they honk to keep from dying? to keep their spirits strong and focus their neurons onto the ridiculous task they are performing?


slowly the honks fade away and I never got to see my friends up in the sky, but their power shot straight into my heart.

then my heart sank, as i felt their strong purpose, then i had to focus on my purpose…. get my car cleared and get my ass to work…

But, it didn’t sink for long, as their spirit lifted mine, and kept part of my heart with them, flying free and hard, without sight, into the white light, with no doubts…

Damn, those geese are smart.


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