A new life arrives!

A baby boy is born today! When it has birthdays in the future, it will refer back to this day. Its day of birth, its birth-day!
When did this baby’s life begin? Was it today? Where was it yesterday? Surely, it can be seen that it was alive yesterday, just not yet born.
The baby was a part of its mother yesterday, not separate. The baby will still feel this way for it’s first couple of years, until it discovers it is independent and, when asked if it wants a bath, it can say ‘No!’.
Where was the baby a year ago?
Can we find it?
Today, in the sky, it is full of wind and clouds. Clouds seem to form out of nowhere in the sky, growing, shrinking, changing shape, then sometimes fade away. All of what a cloud is was already existing before the cloud formed.
Are not all things this way?
It took billions of years of the Universe unfolding to lead up to this birth, so it is very special, as all births are, but for me personally, it touches me closer to home. I say, with my heart-mind, a love-filled welcome into this world for my little nephew. May his life be full of wonder, truth and deep love!


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