The Planet of Buddhas

I had a dream a few years ago that still sticks with me. I was observing deep into outer space. I am not sure if I had some super-duper telescope, or in a spaceship or if I was actually there in the dream, but that’s how dreams go sometimes. But that doesn’t matter so much as what I observed. In the depths of space, there is a planet. On the planet were Buddhas. Covering the planet. All sitting in the lotus position, all meditating. Hundreds, thousands, millions perhaps even!, of Buddhas. Not just Buddhist monks, but all were fully Enlightened Buddhas. They encircled that world, and they had a great purpose. It felt as though this Buddha world was enlightening the entire Universe, radiating out Love and compassion. It felt like I had opened my Buddha-receiver to the correct frequency of sorts and, like a radio, I tuned into their channel.

It was quiet, subtle, yet incredibly full of energy and power. I was in awe. I was witnessing a magical world, and felt fully blessed.

In the wakeful world, Buddha-nature is like this, yet more so… It is all pervading, and all things radiate this Love, whether or not a Buddha-world exists or not.

But still, sometimes at night, when I look at the stars, I wonder if that world is out there. I know it doesn’t make much sense in terms of biology (they can not be the only living beings on that planet, etc) or normal concepts of reality, but I still wonder, and then I know in my heart that I honestly just don’t know.

And this is good. My not knowing embraces my heart, keeps all things possible and keeps me honest.


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