Sometimes in life, we get those moments when we get stopped dead in our tracks. It is like we get slapped in the face, but instead of our cheek burning, it is our mind. BAM!

I was walking around the streets of Brighton with my son yesterday, strolling around without any particular place to go… My wife was in a meeting at the time so my boy and I had some lunch, then the stroll. We were ‘passing the time’ so they say.

We came to the end of a road and I looked up and I got slapped! Buddhist centers are not all too common (in the UK), but here was one staring at me! BAM!
I stood and looked and smiled. This was good.

Then my mind starting thinking, thinking, thinking! Oh my poor brain! Lol. I was thinking ‘Oh, this is very serendipitous!’ at the same time thinking ‘Oh, what a random quirk of my walk’.

They say chance favors the prepared mind. I think I believe this. We all create our own ‘luck’ to an extent. Just as the 49 reeds create us, we too, create those 49 reeds!

So, my single reed has been focused more on Buddhism lately, and the 49 reeds have felt this, felt the honesty of it, and so, they felt the dance, my dancing, and they have been joining in.

My heart-mind feels this way, the Universe is joining my dance and ‘drew’ me towards the Buddhist center. My brain-mind, however, is not so sure, very very sceptical!… It was just chance, a coincidence and not an all too improbable one at that! In the end, my Buddha-mind lets it go, it doesn’t matter what it ‘is’ and it just smiles, not knowing what is happening other than honesty.


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