Why I started this blog on Zen

I am not the best Buddhist. Yet I try, try try! I have not officially taken precepts (I will talk about these in a future post) and I have not shaved my head. I do not sit Zazen as much as I would like too. As they say, I am too busy ‘living life’… forgetting the importance, the urgency, for realizing my inherent Buddha-nature.

All beings, have Buddha-nature, yet it remains hidden to most. It is hidden behind the concepts of our thoughts. Always there but rarely experienced. Let us all find our dance… only in this dancing can we see its face…

Why have I started this blog? It was mainly an unfolding of 2 key events. First was the encouragement of my wife, she always felt this is something I should do. Secondly, it was a dream I had. This was about a week ago. I was deep in sleep and a car alarm went off in the middle of the night outside my window. BAM! I woke up instantly. I felt my thoughts shift from somewhere else into the wakefulness of realizing it was a car alarm. I looked out the window and all seemed ok. As I went back into bed, I realized where my mind was before I woke up. I was sitting, in robes, among many other monks, in an outdoor monastery. Just sitting. Meditating. We were all just doing Zazen! Nothing more. The dream amazed me.. though I was struggling to do Zazen in my waking life, I was secretly do it in my dreams!

I feel back asleep, a smile on my face with new determination. I must deepen my practice.. this practice of Zazen is not for one’s own self, but to help all beings. As the saying goes… you can’t help others unless you help yourself.. Zen is sorta like this. The Universe has deep love for you… when you realize what the Universe knows about you, this love deepens and grows, spreads into others lives, other hearts and the world becomes a better place. It blossoms. We think with our brains, but we love and feel with our hearts. And that’s not just wishy-washy talk. The physical heart contains a significant amount of neurons, it actually ‘thinks’. It processes thought, but not like the brain does, which was evolved for a specific type of thinking, conceptual thought. The heart evolved not just to swirl blood around, but to also to think. But this heart-thinking is not in concepts, not conceptual… When you use your heart-mind, dancing becomes easier.

Let us try a little bit of heart-mind thinking… try to ‘tune in’ to what your heart is thinking… Is it hurting? Does it have a dance for you? It certainly has unconditional love for you…. It loves you. You can feel this. Feel the dance the heart beats for you… it lays down the rhythm so you are already half way there!


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